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PASA vs. IKO certification programs

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Postby chirojoseph » Fri Aug 09, 2002 7:39 pm

As a new topic hopefully there are others who are asking this question right now also.

Who do we "subscibe" to when we decide to make our school "international?" Which of these associations offers the most service to the affiliated school? How professional are the teaching courses? What sort of "customer service" is provided to the kitesurf center once they are certifying kiters and giving "cards?" Which "card" is more widely accepted in rental facilities around the world? How much "continuing ed" or "refresher courses" are required by each one so that you remain an "active" instructor?

All these issues are the same as with the diving PADI vs. SCUBA really. What i am looking for is input from those of you who either teach for these organizations or certify your students under the guidelines of the organizations.

Are there other widely recognized certifying organizations out there..or in the works? What ever happened to the Wipika certifying organization?

Well, thats alot of questions but lets hear some facts from people who know. I cant get any response from the IKO people and, although their website appears complete and professional, when i knock there is no one home:)


Postby Guest » Fri Aug 09, 2002 8:32 pm

PASA who?

nuf answer?

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Postby jennyobx » Fri Aug 09, 2002 8:41 pm

PASA, or Professional Air Sports Association, is striving to provide a united International Kite Surfing scene where all our members will be capable of renting, buying and kite surfing anywhere in the world. Currently, PASA has partnered with the Spanish, Dutch, Venezuelans, British, and Canadians to accept the PASA name and certifications. There are further partnerships in the works in other areas of the world, though they are still in the sensitive phase of negotiations. PASA schools will honor any certification through IKO, WSN or Wipika School Network, and K.I.S.S.

When PASA was established in 1997, the board decided that it would pursue making kite surfing a safe sport that anyone could partake in. For the past three years, PASA has been actively pursuing its goals of working with insurance companies to provide liability insurance for kite surfing schools and retail businesses, as well as certifying instructors for the express purpose of creating a safe sport. Throughout this process, we have relied upon our knowledge from creating the same type of programs for Hang Gliding, Ultralight Flying, and Paragliding. There are many growing pains that this industry is suffering from; however, PASA is working hard to make those pains as unfelt as possible.

For more information on PASA, please look to our website at I personally will answer any questions directed to me through my email addres at When someone knocks on PASA's door, PASA answers.

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