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What fin screws for North kitesurf board (Nugget 2013)???

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What fin screws for North kitesurf board (Nugget 2013)???

Postby ankers » Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:30 pm

Hey guys

as mentioned in another post: i just bought a north nugget. Great board. Only issue I have is that when putting the fins for the first time, the inside of one of the screws was destroyed (where you put the screw key), despite me being very very careful. So I need to replace the screw.

Question is: what screw do i use? I read in another post that the FCS screws has a different thread than the Future Fin screw. so no FCS screw is good. Consequently I ordered a set of Future Screws (as the north fins are future fins and assuming they would fit). Now that I received those Future screws, I see that again the thread is different. The thread on North screws is not as thin as the Future screw thread. I dont want to screw the futures screws in as i fear it will destroy the hole where the screw is put. And once damage is done it is difficult to repair.

This is all very irritating :angryfire: What screws should i get?? Any advice is welcome.

Why does north not use the standards of Future Fins.....???

Thanks Ankers

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