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Kite Leashes Suck ... ?

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Erlend M B
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Re: Kite Leashes Suck ... ?

Postby Erlend M B » Tue Jan 29, 2013 9:45 pm

mz16 wrote:Yes if you dont check out the dates it could be confusing. One thing though, this has happened to me and kite buddies. Leashes break ALL the time. The standard Best one, as well as others, snap if you lose it while powered unhooked. Feel like this shouldnt be happening. Saw Youri's leash and that thing looked robust. Anyone else have problems with leashes malfunctioning or snapping?
Leashes supplied with the kites are for flagging the kite only. I haven't seen any that looked like it could take the force of a suicide leashed powered kite. I purchased a G3 leash in Tarifa years ago (2004 i think), It's still going strong.

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