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St Lucia, Union Island, St Vincent details needed

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St Lucia, Union Island, St Vincent details needed

Postby smokedvw » Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:56 pm


I have looked around on many websites trying to plan a trip for March 15~April 15 or so.

I want to find somewhere I can stay for about 2 weeks then do another 1 week in 2 other islands. I was thinking of St Lucia first then boat around to other islands.

Whats normal for accommodation it seems like some islands are $60-100 which to me $100 a night seems quite expensive. I was hoping for under $50.

What I want to find:
I would like to find a nice place to practice flat water since I spent my summer in portugal doing only wave riding. I really want to go to the Caribbean so I can kite along in beautiful water and just relax. Sounds like wind is around 15-20knots so I may just take my 12m wainman or bring a 9m as well. I would prefer to be with other kiters as well which is why I was looking at staying at kite schools.

Anyways just curious to hear where people like to kite down there and where they recommend to stay.



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Re: St Lucia, Union Island, St Vincent details needed

Postby shawn13 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 2:42 am

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Re: St Lucia, Union Island, St Vincent details needed

Postby susanmg » Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:28 pm

Hey - I haven't been to St. Lucia but think there are a couple options. Coconut Bay is a fancier resort that is supposed to have awesome kiting but probably a bit more expensive. Check out the reef huts for some cheaper options at a different kite spot. I've spent a reasonable amount of time on Union Island though. Union is fun kiting, there are cheaper accommodation options (maybe for 70-100 ECD a night) - nothing fancy for that price, but it works. I don't know about kiting spots on St. Vincent - haven't heard of a lot of people kiting there. But, its supposed to be gorgeous though!

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