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Help!! Epic Kite Renegade 9m 2011

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Help!! Epic Kite Renegade 9m 2011

Postby LGA » Tue Dec 11, 2012 4:50 pm

Hi, first, I am sorry for my english, I am from Argentina. I am a NEW rider. I have done a kitesurf course, I did bodydrag and I am trying to stand up on the board. The teacher of the course told me to buy a 9m kite. I have just bought an Epic Kite Renegade 9m 2011, but I think that I made mistake. I am 60 kg (132lb). Is it a big kite for me? This is the place where I go to do kitesurf Would it be dangerous for me? How do I have to set up the 2011 Xtend Bard to reduce the power ? What do you recommend?

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Re: Help!! Epic Kite Renegade 9m 2011

Postby Kite2Heaven » Tue Dec 11, 2012 6:43 pm

LGA look up the Epic Renegade post on here and post your questions there... Youll get all the help you need :)

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Re: Help!! Epic Kite Renegade 9m 2011

Postby Pattiecannon » Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:17 am

hey LGA, I looked up the current predictions for your area on wind guru as you posted and it seems to me mostly moderate winds. There is still a month or two of wind left in our season in the southern hemisphere. I thought you would be better off with the 11 or 13 renegade?
The 11, as you may or may not know, is a different outline and design to the other 3g kites.
But it is my favourite. The 3g II is nearly as strong as the 10 Noise (the strongest kite under 12m IMO) but handles like a sports motor bike. boosts like an eagle. The 9 will still be handy for stronger days but if you can only have one, sell it and get the 11

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Re: Help!! Epic Kite Renegade 9m 2011

Postby Dj A-Ron » Thu Mar 21, 2013 1:53 am

Hello LGA,

I believe that I sold you that kite on eBay. I will paste what I wrote in the email that I sent you. I also included a awesome picture that I drew of the Epic bar! Your instructor should be able to help you adjust the knot settings. it really just sounds like you need a few more lessons... Hope it helps.

"You chose a great kite for learning. This kite is very stable in the air and relaunches better than any other kite I've tried and I've flown alot of kites.

If you shorten the center lines it will give the kite less power. There are three ways to do this:

You can do it at the bar; just above the depower strap there is a metal piece that kind of looks like 3 metal rings together and kind of look like a Mickey Mouse head (Kiters actually call it a Mickey Mouse). There are two pig tail lines that come off of it that have three knots tied in them. Right now the lines are on the furthest or last knot. If you detatch the line and move it down to the closer knot to the bar, that will give the kite less power.

Another way to do it is at the the very ends of the center lines where they attatch to the kite; At the very ends of the center (grey color) lines there are two knots. Tieing the kites bridle attatchments to the very end knot is full power the next knot down (closer to the bar) would be less power.

Howerver, I would not do either of these two methods.

How I would do it is the third and best way (In my opinion); I would leave the lines attatched near the bar the way they are. Attatch the kites center bridel attatchments to the very end knots of the center lines. The kite fly's perfect this way. This is how I fly the kite and it is perfectly tuned and ready to fly. Now all you do is pull down on the depower strap near the bar (the red part of the depower system that says "less" on it). Pull down only a couple inches and it will lock itself off at this setting. This is the same thing as rigging the lines shorter because you are simply pulling in on the center lines and you can always power the kite back up. This way your kite is always rigged the same and you have the control to depoer or repower (by pulling the black plastic loop strap that says "more" just above the "less" strap) the kite as need be.

One thing that you will probably want to do is move the outside steering lines in to the center knots on the bar. I have it set at the outside knots (55cm width setting). The Epic Xtend bar is adjustable from 55cm to 45cm simply by moving the steering lines closer to the cneter of the bar. Its very easy, just loosten the steering lines loop from the big outside knot and move it to the big inside knot (closer to the center of the bar). By doing this you are giving the kite less input from the bar because you have less leverage from the bar. This SLOWS the kites steering down. A slower kite is easier to learn with obviously because it turns slower.

You can also slow the kites steering speed on the wing tips of the kite. Look at the wing tips and you will see the words "fast" and "slow". I have the kite set on the fast setting because I like a fast moving kite. All you have to do is loosen the kites outside lines and move them to the slow setting.

Hope this helps. I'm sure it sounds confusing now but it is very simple. If you still don't understand I can alwasy make some video's for ya demonstrating everything I've explained here."

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Re: Help!! Epic Kite Renegade 9m 2011

Postby Geronimo79 » Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:38 pm

Hey LGA,

The kite should be a nice decent size for your. The current wind predictions on windguru i cant make heads or tales from. Looks like its very gusty over there. 13/29 knots kinda sucks.
But the one thing i learned often these predicitions are off.

I'm guessing the windrange for you (depending on board size) 13 knots to 21knots? (please someone correct me when i'm wrong)
More would mostlikely be heavy for you and a 7 would be better.
But as a beginner its best to first ride with less wind. 15/18 knots windrange would be ideal to start learning.

The kitesize is good for you and the kite itself is a nice allround kite thats very stable and good to learn with aswell. So i dont think the kite is to big for you but as always it depends on the power of the wind. A 1 kite quiver always gives or takes at highend or lowend. A 9m should be a good choice for you and definitly not big but overall people would say its your biggest kite.

But make sure you find some people with experience to go riding with and make friends. Always better to have a few peoples with you. To give tips or talk you into the water ^^ (or out it when its not safe)

If Winds are often below 15/16 knots an 11m would have done the trick too. Ok costs you a little highend but gives you a better lowend. Although i expect the 9m will do just fine.

About the Knots, sofar all my 2011/3G(II) kites i've flown on the middle knot setting (frontlines) and highest knot (steeringlines). I think its the best setting.

Why do you think it was a mistake? because you only had freakishly small kites during class?
Like said. It all depends on the windpower. A 9m is mostlikely the best 1 kite quiver you could choose. An 11m would enhance lowend but cost highend. A 7m would decrease lowend and increase highend.

And personally.. its so much more easy to learn to ride with a little more power in the kite. I dont need to steer the kite that hard. i can park the kite very fast and can concetrate on the board more. In less wind i have to pump the kite more and do the board thing at the same time.

Also: you could do a lesson with your new kite. The kiteinstructor can walk you through the kite again. And maybe he can give you a few final tips to learn to stand on the board.

Make sure you have some fun!

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Re: Help!! Epic Kite Renegade 9m 2011

Postby PVITfrumBYRAM » Thu Mar 21, 2013 3:08 pm

I have a 9 m 2010 renegade. It is an awesome kite. I too was amazed at the relaunch even in 12/14m kite weather. No input on the bar and the kite is in relaunch mode by the time you turn your head back to find your board. I also could not really make sense of the wind report, I didn't try too hard but the 9 meter will give you something to work with if it is windier than not.

Another thing you might be able to do to cut the power on the kite is take the 5 meter extensions off. I'm not sure if the 2011s came rigged with 18meter lines + 5meter extensions or not. Mine did and I will take the extensions off when the wind blows more than 25knots. The kite might fly a bit faster but the power stroke will be shorter. In truth it might be more difficult to water start because you have less time, but it will make you efficient in the long run as long as you get more time with an instructor to apply what you learn. Everybody else's suggestions are spot on. Make some friends, get some more instruction, depower your setup with the lines and input on the bar. Other wise that kite has some pretty good pull and can fly fast, so if you need an 11 that particular day, you are just going to have to move the kite more.

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Re: Help!! Epic Kite Renegade 9m 2011

Postby Dimitri M » Fri Mar 22, 2013 12:05 am

Hello LGA,
My name is Dimitri Maramenides and I am the owner of EPIC kites. I can see you have been taking care of from all these post people have posted. This is what forums are made for. But if you need more help please email me at: and will be happy to help you the best I can.
Another thing you should take into consideration is what size board you have? Because this will make a big difference also.

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