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Kiting in Los Angeles?

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Kiting in Los Angeles?

Postby pwnd550 » Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:24 am

I live in LA since a while but never got the chance to really kitesurf (i tried once, but the wind was not good). When is the best time for the wind? What are the best spots? I heard it was allowed to kite in Santa Monica, but only if there were very few people on the beach, is that true? Which beaches can you kite on?


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Re: Kiting in Los Angeles?

Postby sfpete » Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:55 am

Dr Makani
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Re: Kiting in Los Angeles?

Postby Dr Makani » Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:09 pm

Ventura - C Street - Advanced
Will Rogers - Advanced
Dockweiller Beach - Intermediate
Manhattan Beach - Intermediate
Rat Beach (Torrance) - Intermediate
Cabrillo - Very advanced only
Santa Monica - Beginner
Belmont Shores - The most popular LA area kitesurfing beach, beginner through advanced.
Seal Beach - Intermediate / advanced only
Surfside - Intermediate / advanced - private gated beach
Sunset Beach - Advanced only
Huntington Beach - Advanced only
Newport Beach - Advanced
Capo Beach - Advanced
Mission Bay (San Diego) Stinky - Beginner
Silver Strand (Coronado) - Intermediate

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Re: Kiting in Los Angeles?

Postby Dustfarter » Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:23 pm

What the doctor said. In addition Topanga, Zuma, Zeros, Leo and County all get wind year round. July through Oct being the most consistent thermals.
Between Memorial and Labor day kiting in Malibu is restricted to Zuma and Zeros until after 6/7pm.
If you check out Zeros respect the rule of not going downwind of the end of the concrete walkway/ flags and into the surf break.

Santa Monica gets crap wind and is rarely a go as the lifeguards will shut you down. Look for other options and be prepared to drive.

If you're a beginner stay at Belmont. If not then the other spots are good. Malibu ( and many other SoCal spots) are a sensitive riding area so ASK THE LOCALS about the rules. Stay away from surfers, swimmers and people on the beach and don't kook out by cutting your kite away, getting rescued by the lifeguards or any other activity that attracts the unwanted eye of the authorities.
The local forum on iKite can be helpful too if you have questions.

Welcome to SoCal kiting. Its fun but full of rules, localism and other BS.

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Re: Kiting in Los Angeles?

Postby TomW » Sun Mar 31, 2013 5:43 pm

Oh man- i moved from the sunny skies and fine weather of LA 29 years ago. I miss some of it, but those rules....i dont miss it.

I (not we, there was no one else) used to windsurf on the malibu points and give the prone surfers the finger. That was `79-´81.
We (there was about 20 of us- any Victor Vincente fans out there?) used to ride all the trails of SM mountians on my homemade MTB without any restrictions- that was 78-84.

These days i kitesurf in 32f air and water, totally alone, no rules, no restrictions, no rescue if you f*** up- you die. In southern Sweden.
Today was a downwind SUP day in 40f air and 32f water and sunshine.

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