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Liquid Force NRG Light Breeze 14?

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Re: Liquid Force NRG Light Breeze 14?

Postby redman333 » Fri Mar 29, 2013 7:19 pm

I love my 12m nrg and have been able to fly it all the way down to about 12mph steady wind. I bet i could even go to 10mph but not sure since i am a bigginner and have only been up and riding a couple times. I am contenplating getting the 16M nrg since the last couple weeks here we have had consistant 8-12mph winds and id love to get out and ride but i try not to get out unless its 12mph and up. My 12m has a huge wind range. Me being a beginner was able to ride my 12m from 12-35mph winds easily. Does the lightwind have this same aspect to it? We dont usually get big wi d shifts so if i knew it was a light wind i could just bring the one kite and then if it picked up to 20-25 mph just stay on the LW kite.

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Re: Liquid Force NRG Light Breeze 14?

Postby Fonterello » Sat Mar 30, 2013 8:46 pm

I am 190lbs. Twin tip,rider. I've had a 14m NRG for amyear now and wouldnt trade it for anything. I just got back from the caribean and our last 3 days were light thermals. I was one of the first on the water and one of the last off. Some guys had 16 and weren't riding. I have a 146 tt and a 140 naish sol board and this kite gets me well powered (jumping) in 14 kts or so. I can ride it up to 20 kts, but it gets to be a bit too much. As stated by many this is a powerful kite, If you just starting out,mi would excerice caution. If the kite gets too low in the window, it makes a ton of power, and unless you know how to spill it off and get,out of it, youmwill be going over the hamdle bar. Final words, this is a great kite all rounder, relaumch is ok but difficult in lighter winds, you can actually ride this kite in winds that you cannot launch in, so be careful. Fair bar pressure, and i would say this kite turns like a 12m most ofmthe time. Great kite forma quiver. Highly recommended.
Cheers and safe kiting.

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