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Edge 17/19 vs Dyno 2011 18 ? Anyone can compare?

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Re: Edge 17/19 vs Dyno 2011 18 ? Anyone can compare?

Postby BiteMe » Mon Apr 01, 2013 12:54 am

Tone wrote:
If my 10m Edge hasn't got enough air in it, the kite folds when jumping and pushing really hard.

Pump that suckka up super hard and you should be fine.

I have the 15 as well, I haven;t flown it yet as we have had mental winds, but tomorrow, saturday and Sunday we have 12-18knots so I will find out!

I directly replaces a 15m Speed3 so I am very curious to see how it fairs.
Tone - Did you get out on the 15m Edge yet? Would like to hear what you think since I was thinking of getting one (don't need a 17m or 19m). But heard the bigger Edges don't jump as well as the smaller ones.

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Re: Edge 17/19 vs Dyno 2011 18 ? Anyone can compare?

Postby Westozzy » Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:03 am

Yeh on the landings. Every time. I'm not convinced though the edge is easier if he means to jump, we will have to see. The edge has an overall flatter profile than the dyno, and requires some technique to get the best out of them. But Tone is best to answer this really having has both. I only had one arvo on his dyno 16 so take most of what I say with a grain of salt. Germany will be the true test, if it warms up a little. Brrrrrdrrrr

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Re: Edge 17/19 vs Dyno 2011 18 ? Anyone can compare?

Postby Puetz » Mon Apr 01, 2013 8:08 am

Toby wrote:Thx for the info.

What does he mean with easier?

What is the top end and low end of the 19, compared to Dyno 18?
... what I mean by 'easier' is both the bar pressure and steering pressure is lighter than the 18m.

Tony said that the bottom end is the same as the 18m but has a little less static pull when parked at lower board speeds, but once the apparent wind picks up as your board picks up speed, they are the same. He hasn't been tempted to jump on his Sector yet due to low winds, always riding his TT (Nobile NHP 134 x 42) in 9 or so knots.

He also says the top end is much better on the 19m, he reckons the old 18m would stop being fun at 18 knots but the 19m can easily be taken to 22 or 23 knots (tropical winds btw) before you need to push hard on the edge of your board and go into survival mode.

The 19m is his go to kite for our usual winds we have here and prefers it over the 17m now saying the top end is just about the same but a lot better hang time. If you can handle the Dyno in strong winds your definetely going to handle this one with ease.

Toby, I hope you get to try it, would like to hear what you think.


Robbie :)

edit: here is Tony's review he put up on seabreeze: ... /Edge-19M/

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