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RRD type 4 (2001)

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Postby Guest » Mon Aug 12, 2002 6:22 pm


Is the RRD type 4 14,9 m2 (2001) worth buying?, and what is the bar/depower like?

Is it ok the spend 500$ on that kite!

(it's only used about 10 times or less)

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Postby Toby » Mon Aug 12, 2002 7:34 pm

it is ok, but I would use it with shorter lines and add batten at the tips to make it faster, since it is quiet slow.
The price is ok if it hasn't been ripped too much.



Postby Guest » Mon Aug 12, 2002 7:55 pm

I use the 2001 11.9 RRD. Lovely kite with a medium AR. I haven't noticed mine creasing at the tips, so not sure what benefit the battens would have, but it's something I will probably try. I fly mine on 30m lines (inc leaders) & it seems to work well. The kites are bomb proof - I pump mine up very hard as it's the only way it will relaunch.
I've never flown the 14.9 so can't comment directly, but I go to Skoops in the larger sizes as they are the Mutts Nutts.

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