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what kite has low bar pressure with power?

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Re: what kite has low bar pressure with power?

Postby zik46 » Wed May 01, 2013 4:21 am

Peachez54 wrote:I have found amazing power and a super smooth power delivery in the 2013 Blade Triggers and the bar pressure is very light and yet the kite is delightfully responsive. Super fun kite to ride.

+1 for the Trigger 2013 . low bar pressure and power at the same time.i absolutely love it

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joe weiss
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Re: what kite has low bar pressure with power?

Postby joe weiss » Wed May 01, 2013 6:06 am

The Blade Triggers are very good kites and since 2009 I can't remember even one Blade kite with more than medium bar pressure.

The kite with best "power/bar pressure" ratio IMHO is the Fone Bandit6

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Re: what kite has low bar pressure with power?

Postby TommyDuotone » Wed May 01, 2013 6:35 am

2013 Blade Trigger. :thumb:

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Re: what kite has low bar pressure with power?

Postby Westozzy » Wed May 01, 2013 7:51 am

Ib,local surfer this is one kite that has pricked my interest. Especially as they have built some some higher aspect (I see this the direction of a lot of kites as the freeride market including a maturing market increases). No one demos them here in Western Australia which is a shame.

What's your call on this kite with a little more detail than above.

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Re: what kite has low bar pressure with power?

Postby airsail » Wed May 01, 2013 9:02 am

Had the same problem using Best HP's, painful elbows all last season. Changed to Switch Elements, light bar pressure but with a direct feel, problem solved. Been using them for 6 month now and no elbow pain. Use mine for waves but they also unhook ok, good price.

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Re: what kite has low bar pressure with power?

Postby Bille » Wed May 01, 2013 1:54 pm

bpchilds wrote:Hello,

I have recently developed some elbow problems and it might be from my older kites that have heavy bar pressure and it is straining my tendons/ligaments when steering the kite.

I am an advanced rider and will use the kite mainly for freeriding.

Thank you all for your help,
The "Real" problem isn't the bar-pressure ; i believe it could be the Angle that
we hold the bar with our hands ?

While sitting at your monitor reading this , try holding your hands like you have
a bar in your hands ; move the make-believe bar in and out and turn it simultaneously.
I can actually Feel the elbow-tendons moving !

NOW -- rotate your hands 90-deg so your palms are facing each other and repeat the
same as above ; that change in angle makes the pressure in my elbow completely go
away .

I first noticed this while kiting in my Buggy ; i had my 10M PL Venom up on
a bar & the wind picked up. I put the PL away and grabbed a 4-line, 2.5M on handles
and noticed it was Way easier on my elbows, to control the kite.

I'm MOD-ing an old bar i have so it has webbing-loops that are below the bar.
This will allow me to control the kite like normal with the bar
grab the loops & control the kite like i do a PG, (with the loop-handles).

I May need to lock the bar full UP so it don't interfere with the controls ?


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Re: what kite has low bar pressure with power?

Postby Cab Driver » Wed May 01, 2013 2:09 pm

Hi bpchilds,

If you are truly looking for a freeride kite (meaning huge airs, huge hang time, huge wind range, insane low end performance, hooked-in riding), then you really need to try the new Cabrinha Velocity. You are probably thinking, "you mean Cabrinha's new race kite? are you nuts?" - well, no I am not nuts.

First, lets discuss bar pressure. You want a 14m kite (assuming for lighter winds). You are a bit screwed for bar pressure. All big kites are going to have a some more bar feedback compared to smaller kites in the same line. Any pimper on this forum that tells you otherwise is full of it. I won't get into the physics, but it's true. Just go to any kite demo day and try the same line of kite in different sizes and it will make sense to you.

With that in mind, Cabrinha kites have come a long way in bar pressure - even in the last 12 months. My recommendation is for you to try out a Cabrinha Velocity 13 or 14m. If you PM me your location, I will do my best to find a way to get you a demo. Never buy before you try.

Although the Velocity was designed to be a pure racing machine, it turns out that it is a pure freeride performance machine. Nobody can question it's low end. Nobody can compare the bar pressure to the Crossbow LW kites that we made even in 2013 (Crossbow LW is heavy in the bar). The Velocity is light in the bar, has an incredible wind range, has huge hang time, has the ability to jump to the moon, and is an upwind and downwind rocket. It's not going to be the fastest turning kite because it is super high aspect. But you can certainly use a smaller size than anything else out there because it develops so much lift (read smaller kite/medium turning speed = bigger kite/faster turning speed; might as well go smaller!!).

We have been letting tons of people try this kite down here in Miami where we consistently get winds of 9-15 mph. Even groms riding wakeskates love this kite. If you are not going to unhook, then I think this is the best option for you from Cabrinha if you need a mix of low end and low bar pressure.

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Re: what kite has low bar pressure with power?

Postby alexeyga » Wed May 01, 2013 3:08 pm

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Bandit 6 (along with the Bandit 5), these are probably the most polished out Freeride kites on the market to date while also being among the the easiest on your hands.

Don't buy another shitty Cabrinha kite until finding out that there are other, more often than not, better products on the market. :thumb: :jump:

P.S. I don't ride Bandits, so no cheap pimping involved!!! :bye:

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Re: what kite has low bar pressure with power?

Postby bpchilds » Wed May 01, 2013 9:54 pm

Thank you all for your input.

I will definitely be trying before buying.

Did anyone else get an elbow injury from kiting? Will it ever go away?


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Re: what kite has low bar pressure with power?

Postby juandesooka » Wed May 01, 2013 10:52 pm

I have "tennis elbow" too....I believe originally from a combination of SUPing and computer use (job related), and now very much exacerbated by kiting. I have a tennis elbow brace which puts acupressure on the point, that helps. I don't take care of it, but should...supposed to ice it several times per day and regular ibuprofen (advil). There's also other recommendations for massage, acupuncture, etc. Unfortunately, I think the cure is rest.....and rabid kite fever doesn't work with that cure.

Anyways, bar pressure....I had a Cabrinha 2010 12m SB and have switched to BWS. I'd say bar pressure is one-half. I used the Cab once more before I sold it, was surprised how hard it pulled.

There's a guy around here with bad elbow tendonitis and he swears by the flysurfer kites.

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