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Patent claims on QR???

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Re: Patent claims on QR???

Postby Gigi;) » Thu May 02, 2013 7:17 am

Dont know but I think I've heard of the spinning leash in the past...

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Re: Patent claims on QR???

Postby joriws » Thu May 02, 2013 9:20 am

One issue could be US patent system as it allows patenting already known stuff if nobody else has patented it. Apple is an example great patenting other's discoveries/R&D/known stuff for their benefit. ... 12-10?op=1. For example "rounded square icons" patent from 2009 does not only apply to mobile phones if claims are made general. It applies user interface icons everywhere. For example kiteforum is therefore violating Apple's patent on round icon of globe on the browser URL bar. So Toby start paying licenses.

Naturally there are rules of first use (for example Kiteforum was first to use rounded icon so they can continue doing it) and already known/published technology. And question is how much previous desing needs to be improved before it is new technology which can be awarded with a patent. "I have patent to a light bulb with 1" thread." Competitor invented light bulb with 1.1" thread so I don't have to license previous patent.

Probably the patent application is written by patent engineer which has no clue about kite boarding and what is known. He did quite broad claims for the patent. They usually do like that.

How I understand the above patent from claims is that inventors has invented some kind of double release in chicken loop. Not a leash based like in currect kites that leash is released separately.

First push of release handle will take kite into safety mode. Then pull (or otherway round) on the handle releases the kite completely. And there is mechanical stop to disallow complete release without first safety first. But this design is not readable on claim 1. It is quite broad. But I understand it with single harness attachment point you have dual release with-in a same coupling device.

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Re: Patent claims on QR???

Postby fdvj » Thu May 02, 2013 10:25 am

This is absolutely no us if you want to unhook you then have to ad a leash to the overly complicated system,

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