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Re: HQ Matrixx

Postby povilkami » Mon May 06, 2013 10:08 pm


Can anyone advice on the 9 meter kite. How well does it pull? I am looking for a low wind kite to do waveriding. There are days in my country when the wind is going down but the waves are perfect. I use 10.5 inflatable (RRD) which, although beeing really fast, flies rather slow and hesitates to turn in 5m/s (9knots) conditions. It might be OK but it drifts very slowly downwind when you go of the wave and I tend to go under it.

Do you think 9 would pull 82Kg (185lbs) enough in 5-6 m/s conditions on a large surfboard (low wind/wave board)? Does anyone knows how much power the 9 has compared to an inflatable?
Would it drift downwind fast enough?

I would not want to ho for 12 meter because in waveriding 9 meter is the max size for the turn speed. Even larger inflatables are not fast enough for the conditions we have (onshore).

Please advice or give your opinion. Both options are welcome :)

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