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IKO promised to sue me if i kept posting. well?

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IKO promised to sue me if i kept posting. well?

Postby kiwimike » Fri May 24, 2013 7:13 am

i got a threat from iko that they were going to sue me for exposing them as frauds on kite forum. i got quite excited about them throwing their money away on a law suit like i threw my money away on years of iko fees. seems fred the big cheese from iko does not like to talk on the phone or answer emails but it seems he does spend his time reading kite forums. anyway i am now obligated to keep posting to try to get this legal action started. maybe if i email the few remaining iko schools again it might get things moving. i am waiting, like i have been waiting for 2 and a half years for a refund of the fees i paid you.

email received from iko,

Mr Mike Allen,
Your next move against IKO will conduct us to put a claim against you with our lawyer.
We have already collected all your communication that intends to discredit and threats our organization not only towards the general public and via forums but more recently as well as towards our current members and schools.
We won’t let that happens again, and won’t let you neither threat or disrespect our office team like you have done in the past.

Best Regards,
Frédéric Béné

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Re: IKO promised to sue me if i kept posting. well?

Postby Toby » Fri May 24, 2013 8:59 am

Fred, come on.
Solve it like a man not like a ...
After all we are kiters, that should let us be more relaxed, since we shoud have a different thinking for problems.

Be smart.

And Mike, pls don't start new topics about it, keep it in one!


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