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jumping abdominal strains

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Re: jumping abdominal strains

Postby JGTR » Thu Jun 20, 2013 11:37 pm

edt wrote:if u want ab exercise, get some hook boots that people use to hang upside down from a chinup bar. Now add 100 pounds and get to it hanging situps w 100 pound weights. When you can do a set of 10 you're in good enough shape to kite. Typical ab exercises will not build nearly the amount of ab strength u need 4 kiting. U mite need spotter after a set, 'cause it's difficult to unhook your boots from the chinup bar sometimes :-)

Or u can just kite more.
What a load of tosh, I did basic core exercises building up reps and difficulty and it made an amazing difference over a 6 week period. Is not all about abs and you certainly don't need to do weighted crunches from a chin-up bar, that's just asking for trouble and injury! There are some very good kite surf exercise sites that will give you great exercises you can do at home that will build your core strength combined with some major muscle groups which is what really helps with kiting. Just doing your abs on their own is not the best idea, better to build up whole body strength that way the load is spread and doesn't just affect one part. In addition better core helps with stance and proper stance will reduce the aching in your abs - although a decent session will still leave you feeling it no matter what :wink:

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Re: jumping abdominal strains

Postby Westozzy » Thu Jun 20, 2013 11:53 pm

Jgtr is right. What you need to do is build up your entire core. Plenty of excercises just using your own body weight for that. Also stretch daily to keep everything supple especially the back.

Now 'just kite more ' is also dangerous advice although it does have an element of truth. Be careful as you can give yourself hernias etc if you over do it. Really stretch your mid section out before a kite. You are 58 but this applies to most ages....but heck at that age you are prone to hernias more than a 25 yr old.

How heavy is your board mate? I'm saying this because I suffered from your described symptoms and it was because I was having crazy boost, loop, roll transition sessions on a relatively heavy board. Changed the board for this style, worked on my core and now no problems. Also are the hernias on one side, if so which one relative to your jumping? Remember to let the swing of your kite help bring the board up, rather than all you and your abs throwing it up into the air.

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Re: jumping abdominal strains

Postby edt » Fri Jun 21, 2013 2:06 am

That's some good advice jtgr

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Re: jumping abdominal strains

Postby Eurus » Fri Jun 21, 2013 3:16 am

Being in shape always helps but I can help you with your form and technique. When you boost it sounds like you are stretching out before you tuck your knees up. If you are doing this then you will get super sore and you can also tear an abdominal muscle if you do it enough times in a session.

Next time you boost instead of pulling your knees up towards your chest and tightening your abs just bend your knees backwards (as if you are dropping to your knees). This will keep you from doing the stomach crunch move which is what is causing your pain. It's that same effect only backwards.

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