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Super light wind riding

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Re: Super light wind riding

Postby tautologies » Thu Jun 20, 2013 2:03 am

chemosavi wrote: To clarify, it is so ugly the air is trying not to touch it or have anything to do with it, therefore it has no surface friction and will fly in lighter winds.
:lol: :lol:

Johnny Rotten
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Re: Super light wind riding

Postby Johnny Rotten » Thu Jun 20, 2013 2:17 am

chemosavi wrote:Seriously folks, that NRG Liquid Force employs a new nano technology called, UGLI-KEW, short for ugliness is kewl similar to that new water repelling stuff whereby water will not stick to anything sprayed with it.

To clarify, it is so ugly the air is trying not to touch it or have anything to do with it, therefore it has no surface friction and will fly in lighter winds.

Correction....The kite doesn't actually fly.....It simply repels the earth.
(really not much different than a helicopter)

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Re: Super light wind riding

Postby doggy » Tue Jun 25, 2013 8:01 pm

Haha! Must be the reason it is so efficient through the sky.

I actually quite like the colour scheme, nice and bright and stands out against the sky. Obviously everyone has a personal preference though and some prefer more toned down colours. It does also come in a tan/dark blue colour scheme though.

The app was windspeedmeterpro on a Samsung S3 and we tested it back to back with wind meter and found it be very accurate, you just have to calibrate it initially and then it is good.

The wind was obviously not a constant 3mph, went from about 3-6mph but there were times when it was 3mph and still possible to fly the kite and stay on the plane. If you look at the water you can see on the first two clips it was super light around 3mph, the darker clip it picked up a little more to about 5-6.
The footage of the flag was actually taken a few days later when we also did the set up footage on the beach. On the day of the riding the flag was not flapping so not very good to show our name.

I am light (60kg) which obviously make a huge difference and do a lot of lightwind/underpowered flying and riding as we instruct so always on a smaller kite than you would be riding on.

I actually went out a few days later on a 9m with the sector, halfway through the session for about 30 minutes the wind was not much stronger than this video, maybe 8-10mph, the kite would not stay in the sky unless kept moving and I was still able to keep riding. Even when I came in, one of the other instructors was surprised I was on a 9m, thought I was riding something bigger.

We are not trying to trick anyone, others have been able to get out in very light wind as shown in the other video and I am sure there are many others online. We are just showing what is possible with the kit available today and good technique and that you can have a great time in conditions you would not usually even bother pumping your kite up for.
If any of you are ever in the UK feel free to come to Camber on a lightwind day and I will be more than happy to show you what is possible, let you use our kit and help you to get out when it is nice and flat :)

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