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Ocean Rodeo Prodigy - All New 3 Strut Freeride Kite

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Re: Ocean Rodeo Prodigy - All New 3 Strut Freeride Kite

Postby tommeltot » Sat May 04, 2013 12:20 pm

The Fusion bar has loads of bar throw which can be adjusted for personal preference with the sliding stopper. The Freeride bar also has a sliding stopper but loads more de-power ability. With so much range at the bar I rarely have to de-power at the cleat. Both bars are simple to use, clean and clutter free.

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Re: Ocean Rodeo Prodigy - All New 3 Strut Freeride Kite

Postby Bigdog » Sat May 04, 2013 2:14 pm

I saw a guy boosting huge in hatteras last week on a 12. They look really good and relaunch super easy. I have a 9.5 on order.

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Re: Ocean Rodeo Prodigy - All New 3 Strut Freeride Kite

Postby ORSales » Fri May 10, 2013 6:03 pm

Hi Guys, John Z from OR here.

I generally tend to let these discussions take their own shape as I hate seeing other sales reps on here pimping but I thought I'd chime in with a few comments, please read them with the understanding that I am very biased :)

The Prodigy was introduced to be the easiest kite to fly that we've ever made. It was designed to be ultra stable, especially in light wind - ie, no luff overs and no back stalls. It was also designed to have muted bar input, meaning you can snap the kite around ultra fast with a meaningful pull on the bar but small inputs will not result in a twitchy or otherwise nervous kite. What's more, we designed each size for its expected use, so the 14 and 12 are both designed to be flown in lighter winds and to have a ton of grunt. The 9.5 and 7 carry the kite through the lulls and handle upper end winds well (massive wind ranges) while the 5 and the 3 are basically designed for school use in lighter wind conditions or with lighter riders. (If you want a high wind kite, get the Storm).

The result of this design is that it appeals to an incredibly broad base of riders. We've positioned it as an excellent choice for new kiters as it won't ever surprise them. However we've also positioned it as an amazing choice for wave riders and freeriders. Freerider's will love it's long, lingering lofty jumps (compared to the Razor which rips you off the water the Prodigy has less acceleration in a jump but much more loft) and the wave riders will love it's stability in flight, especially when chasing it down the line, the kite will drift backwards beautifully for you and maintain positive steering.

In fact, all of you should follow Dom Moore on Facebook. His Surf Sanctuary page is his home on the web to post content and he has some amazing shots of him with the Prodigy in some unique situations, such as the shot below.

If you have questions, post them here and I will answer or contact your local dealer or tech rep rider to arrange a demo.

It should be mentioned - if there are no Ocean Rodeo kites at your beach, contact us today. We are actively recruiting new Tech Team riders to work with us to grow our exposure globally. We have a new EU warehouse that opened last week which means we now ship next day into Europe for free (low flat rate for dealers) with no duty or taxes owing on all of our favourite gear, including the Prodigy, the Razor, the Mako and our amazing Soul drysuits.

Lastly, you were asking about bars. For better or worse we have 3 bar designs. Our company prides itself on 3 things; innovation, simple design and customer feedback. The bars are a direct result of all 3. We worked hard to take away - not add to - each of our bars, to keep them as simple as possible so they are easy to re-set on the water and to re-rig if you need to replace parts. The safety is a simple push away and the trim is available above or below the bar. The Fusion is our most popular bar and represents a fusion of both our Freestyle (above the bar) and Freeride (below the bar) bar systems. It incorporates below the bar depower and a mini 5th line for both a shorter throw than the Freeride and also the ability to practice handle passes with a suicide set-up. Again, we recommend you ride with what's comfortable to you, so we make available options most riders are familiar with.

I welcome any of your questions - very stoked to see the incredible vibe around our new gear this season. See you on the water!

Dom Moore, Ocean Rodeo Media Relations Manager in deep

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Re: Ocean Rodeo Prodigy - All New 3 Strut Freeride Kite

Postby ed257 » Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:59 pm

Can anyone not affiliated compare the Prodigy with the Slingshot Rally and/or Best Kahoona?


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Re: Ocean Rodeo Prodigy - All New 3 Strut Freeride Kite

Postby AGK » Sat Jun 29, 2013 8:29 pm

After reading reviews here and elsewhere, I bought a 7 m prodigy to replace my old high-wind kite. After 3 sessions on it, I was so happy with it that I went to my local shop, bought a 12, and ordered a 9.5 – and I previously had no intention of getting more new kites!

I’m an experienced and competent but not particularly talented kiter. I put a high value on predictability, ease of use, and safety. I kite in cross-on ocean conditions and in sounds. 180 lbs. I have owned a number of different Ocean Rodeo kites – Rises, a Cypher, a Razor – as well as very good kites from Epic and Ozone.

I’ve used the 7m Prodigy in winds from lulls to around 20 to gusts up to the mid-high 30s with no trim line pulled in, both with a Mako 150 and a North Nugget, and I had more fun and was more relaxed than I’ve ever been in winds in the 30 mph range. The kite does pretty much everything I want it to. It pivot launches easily, and it's ridiculously stable and easy to fly. What people have written about turning is accurate – small bar movements produce little movement, but when you crank the bar the kite turns just fine. It keeps power through turns with no effort. It is great in huge gusts, jumps easily with soft landings, and is just flat out fun and relaxing in gnarly conditions. The most amazing thing to me is how much easier it is for me to switch feet on a directional after a jibe -- it's like you are holding onto a fixed rope. It's so easy it doesn't seem fair.

I’ve used the 12 just once in conditions that ramped up considerably just after I launched so that I was significantly overpowered. I pulled in 12-14 inches of trim line and felt comfortable and totally in control. The kite felt fine in the gusts and a little gutless in the lulls, but it stayed stable and I never got the feeling of being close to the edge that I usually get when I’m that overpowered. Overall these kites are fun, relaxing to use, and inspire confidence for me.

It’s true I only have 4 sessions on these kites, so maybe this review should be treated with caution. But these are my favorite kites ever by a significant margin, and have me more excited to go kiting than I’ve been for a while.

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Re: Ocean Rodeo Prodigy - All New 3 Strut Freeride Kite

Postby mz16 » Wed Jul 17, 2013 10:45 pm

Just got back from Maui. On the light days I got to ride the 9.5 prodigy ( I am 6'3 and 200lbs) both on the north and south shore. Review is below.

Kite is incredibly smooth, and very stable in the air. Turns very well. If i was to compare it to other kites I would say it is like one of the newer best kahoonas (but supercharged) mixed with a f-one bandit. The kite has great stable pull, very elegant drift down the line of a wave (waves werent huge though since its summertime), and boosts incredibly well. It ate up the sometimes very gusty conditions in maui, and always let me down super smooth of big lofty airs (either with or without a loop). Also it can turn on a dime if you want it to, but if you just want to cruise around looking at the clear water under you then it will never EVER move.

Kite literally never lost its stability, even on one of the craziest days I had there, (was something like 40 knots and super gusty the day the trades came back, and I was on a 5m prodigy and strapless surfboard). I love my 10 m ocean rodeo razor, but i am ashamed to say it didnt come out of the bag on the trip because the prodigy was such a fun smoothy kite. (razor will still have its days, but for the conditions I was in, the prodigy was the call).

Very nice kite for glide tricks (like hand drag/ dark slides) because it keeps you in the air for a while. Did I mention it jumps incredibly well? Last thing is, one of the stronger days I didn't have my 7m but we wanted to do a little photoshoot, so I put up the 9.5 meter and it held down SUPER strong winds (30-35ish) without doing the flaring out thing that the waroos tended to do back in the day. On any other kite i think i would have felt like im getting my guts ripped out, but this was fine. Kite can be flown very overpowered, and also has great low end (for my weight probably about 16-18 knots). Probably my favorite kite I have ever flown.

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Re: Ocean Rodeo Prodigy - All New 3 Strut Freeride Kite

Postby Laughingman » Wed Jul 17, 2013 11:15 pm

tommeltot wrote:The Fusion bar has loads of bar throw which can be adjusted for personal preference with the sliding stopper. The Freeride bar also has a sliding stopper but loads more de-power ability. With so much range at the bar I rarely have to de-power at the cleat. Both bars are simple to use, clean and clutter free.
Have they added a below the bar swivel yet? I love their release system but the last loop I purchased which ended up costing me $75 did not swivel....

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