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North Trust Depower line replacement

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William Munney
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Re: North Trust Depower line replacement

Postby William Munney » Thu Aug 01, 2013 12:18 am

davesails7 wrote:
William Munney wrote:Sorry for the thread necromancy, sometimes retarded easy isn't easy enough for me.. Two questions- I'm finding it very difficult to complete the bury in the Amsteel line- any fid that you can fit the rope in will not pull through the hollow core, even aluminum fids. Other question- are these eyesplices only secured with the bury and stitching? I don't see any brummel lock on the original splices.

Not sure if you are working on the depower line or the fifth line. I replace my depower lines with Amsteel from West Marine.

The posts above say 1/4", but I thought when I bought 1/4" it was too large and I had to go to 3/16"? Not exactly sure though.

I didn't splice mine. I meant to do it, but I chickened out because I'd never spliced anything before, and I didn't trust myself to not screw it up. I tied a bowline instead and put gorilla tape around it. Has worked well for over a year.

If you are working on 5th line though, the splice is probably needed for attaching to the ring under the chicken loop. Seems like a bowline would be awkward there.
The depower line is 3/16". I ended up getting my depower line and red (5th) leash lines from Windchaser Sports, also a Blade chickenloop and depower line to upgrade my old Eclipse bar. Very reasonable prices and good service.

I still want to learn how to do the eyesplices, from what I can see of the original North splices, it is a short bury reinforced by stitching. The bury is definitely less than 50 rope diameters and the lack of a locking pass makes for a more compact splice.

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Re: North Trust Depower line replacement

Postby SweetDoug » Tue Sep 01, 2015 6:12 am

Sorry about taking so long to get back to you!

Did use the amsteel line replacement. Eeze Peeze.

Now, I'm gonna try the depower line as I'm having trouble locating a replacement.


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