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Safety Alert: Algae !!!

Forum with lots of safety info - a must for newbees

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Safety Alert: Algae !!!

Postby Toby » Wed Jun 04, 2003 8:44 pm

pls everyone be very careful if you kite at a spot with algae!

the algaes can stop a line to slide through any eye used for a safety system.
How bad a safety line connected with a knot to a line might be, but this one will work with algaes.

So almost all safety systems can be useless, if your safety line pulls on one line (no matter if back or front) and runs through an eye. If that line has algaes on it, it will stop at the eye and still leave a lot of power in the kite since it will start to spin.
make sure you can completely disconnect from your kite.

I was just kiting at a spot in Germany where it had algaes.
One guy reported that he had algaes in his lines and couldn't release the safety, since the algaes stopped the line to run through.

So be very careful if you drop your kite in this kind of conditions, you might not be able to make the kite safe.

Good luck


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Postby BLOWN AWAY » Mon Jul 21, 2003 3:09 am

Oh yes delightful slime!! :advise:

And it makes life difficult when winding up kitelines too, very yummy stuff.... just be careful with that goo...


You've been slimed

Postby Guest » Thu Jul 31, 2003 5:56 pm

Why some of my fondest Kitesurfing memories are of spending a leisurely afternoon and evening and weekend and morning and weekend off dried algae from some lines.

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