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North Evo 2012 9m, now wanting Dice 9m, comparable?

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Re: North Evo 2012 9m, now wanting Dice 9m, comparable?

Postby Westozzy » Tue Sep 17, 2013 4:18 am

Yeh I got a work over today as well. Just caught one of the best waves on a kite in 14 years, right in the pit, ohead, cross off, just amazing. Was sort of 18 knots to 23knots, on a 11m i'm only 75kg and was on a 150 mako.

Then as I went over the wave on the way out, a 30 knot or so gust hit (well my mate was 85kg on a 9m dice - yeh I put to big a kite up!) and he was getting lofted out the water...

and I just ate shit big time. Took me ages to track back upwind to get my board as the wind strength was so great kept pulling me down wind.

Now I was obviously out in way too much for this size and my weight but I did observe what you were describing...but I'm always cautious of making a call in those gusty winter winds...

Man try the other kites, why not. No need to make a decision. I don't buy your jumping probs I went big enough today. But I will say you will go bigger on a bandit, period. Not sure about the park only ridden the B5 and b7.

But the dice will outdo the both of those kites in the waves. It is a serious wave riding kite contender. Can't have it all I'm afraid.

Spoke to my brother later today, he was out with me on an identical 11m dice but happen to have his edge dug in while I happen to be passing over a wave as it hit, we both agreed the gust was so large we would have both been in deep shit on our 11m edges!! He said he layed in the water and had his board out in front for a while making sure I got back to my board, he said it was easily 30, 30 plus a bit so already we were out of the designated north wind range. Any kite 2 or more knots over its maximum will do some weird shit. But he said it was controllable, no probs.

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