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Just not feeling the strapped surfboard thing - advice...

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Just not feeling the strapped surfboard thing - advice...

Postby markchatwin » Fri Nov 08, 2013 5:37 pm

I had spent 2 years riding strapless prior to getting a strapped board. When I first got the 2012 North Whip 5'6" I was planning on a surfboard that I could take out in big conditions and take some jumps and romp around with. The first time I took it out it was a riot. It was so cool to have the surfboard stay with me whatever I did. I've taken some big jumps on this board. It's so light and I'm amazed there's no dents or issues with it...

My problem is I just don't feel good surfing in straps. The upwind thing is fine, the jumps are great but the downwind on the wave thing isn't happening. I find myself wishing for freedom and subtle foot placement changes that I can't make. Also in certain lighter conditions I can't make the foot changes for maximizing upwind ability.

I also feel the sense that if I tank it going down a wave that there's gonna be a mess of my ankles, knees, maybe injury...

I'm wondering is it the board? Would a longer board be better? I could change the foot strap position but it's set for where I like it going down a wave. So it stands to reason it won't be right for upwind in lighter conditions... Just seems something's not right. Anybody who rides strapped have any thoughts on this? Or guys that have given up on the strapped in idea and just went back to strapless? Thanks...

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Re: Just not feeling the strapped surfboard thing - advice..

Postby knotwindy » Fri Nov 08, 2013 6:28 pm

i ride strapped and strapless so all i can tell you is how i do it with straps.
set them for riding the wave and only use them for on the wave or jumping. if you set the front strap loose you can stay in it upwind but your back foot has to come out of the strap and be in front of it. so oat of the roc dong is done out of the back strap with the front loose. if the back strap is a bit loose you can move around in the strap a bit on the wave but you have to twist your feet to really lock it in to jump. yes, it is a compromise but seems the best way for me. the front seems to work better longer for more front/back movement and twist upwind. the back strap seems to work better closer together with a bit more arch so you can still get out easy but the twist of the foot really holds better.
still mostly prefer strapless, only ride straps hooligan, rodeo style

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Re: Just not feeling the strapped surfboard thing - advice..

Postby boardjockey » Fri Nov 08, 2013 6:33 pm

Hi Mark,

I enjoy riding strapless, but will probably put the straps on later this weekend. Double overhead plus is on the way. :-)



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Re: Just not feeling the strapped surfboard thing - advice..

Postby alexeyga » Fri Nov 08, 2013 6:37 pm

Funny, usually riders tend to go the other way around - from straps to no straps.

I've just got a strapless board after riding a strapped "gun" for a season and the amount of freedom gained by loosing straps is just mind-blowing! With that said - in "real" waves still prefer my strapped board on which I'm always placing my rear foot in front of the rear strap for going upwind - thus basically riding half-strapless and it makes all the difference. There's really no way to have the same straps position for both upwind and going down the line.


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Re: Just not feeling the strapped surfboard thing - advice..

Postby Jbrook » Fri Nov 08, 2013 6:52 pm

I have some thinner straps that I can step out of and step on top of them and still feels good so my board is strapped or strapless. Also you can move your position of the front strap up a little so when you drop a wave you can be totally free from the strap, with the back one kinda harder to do. For me the conditions determine if I ride strapless or strapped I like both and the point is just to have fun right? :bye:

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Re: Just not feeling the strapped surfboard thing - advice..

Postby Peter_Frank » Fri Nov 08, 2013 10:25 pm

Good topic :thumb:

I assume you ride upwind with your rear foot in front of the strap ?
If not, that is a huge problem and the reason why you dont feel it works in light wind....

Getting a bigger board wont help regarding DTL, but it will be worse.

Some experiences:

1. Front footstrap, HAS to be set one plughole further apart, so you can angle the foot and has full freedom.
Often you will slide it toward the windward side when going upwind.
You should NOT put the front strap too far forward - as you can ride with more speed and dedication strapped, and also change weight distribution much more and better - so you can control everything with a slightly more rear position than if strapless.

2. Rear footstrap is personal liking only.
It should sit quite tight for my taste though. Some like wide straps with more foot movement possible - but not me, I find it is a very wrong and sketchy feel, especially for really powered aerial of the lips.
But the position has two ways:
a. Beginners mount it quite forward, so they can always ride in the strap DTL (OR, for light wind but quite big waves).
b. Experienced mount it at the "perfect" spot for DTL riding when steep waves and good speed.
Then, in light wind or big kites or flat waves, you just ride DTL standing in front of the rear strap - really good and extremely fine hold this way, so the risk of sliding/crashing is close to zero - and you get huge glide.

So two things IMO: Dont go with a bigger board ! The front strap quite forward, but NOT as much as if you rode it strapless - it will feel bad :roll:

Then there are other individual preferences.
I like my straps to sit "well" not tight but quite firm still having the option to move/twist.
Others like really really big loose straps - you could try both to see what suits you.

But the whole idea of strapped riding, is to find a board where you can control everything around the "power" point, namely the front footstrap - and then the rear foot position can change according to conditions or liking.

In really light conditions, you just step your rear foot further forward than just in front of the rear strap, and you have by far the most efficient way of going upwind (narrow stance and strapped so more control/speed).

I think the 5'6 whip you got is an okay size, if you are medium weight Mark.

In small and not steep waves, and less wind, straps does not matter and you might be better off strapless, in order to enjoy an otherwise boring session maybe....

8) Peter

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Re: Just not feeling the strapped surfboard thing - advice..

Postby 14ToeSide » Sat Nov 09, 2013 4:29 am


What kind are your Thin straps that you can step on top of??


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Re: Just not feeling the strapped surfboard thing - advice..

Postby henningsurf » Sat Nov 09, 2013 8:03 pm

Hurra for STRAPPED riding - so powerful and you can get so much fun during waveriding and jumps even in bad gusty conditions.

But you might want to get yourself a "rotating strap" for the front foot.
- you achieve a tight fit (so no loose straps) and still can adjust the angle.
- after some training it is so much faster to enter the strap
- you can prevent injury from 1-foot-boardspins
- gets you closest to "freedom" when riding with straps

Look here ... oot-strap/
(see "reviews" on kiteforum)

Regards Henning
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Re: Just not feeling the strapped surfboard thing - advice..

Postby markchatwin » Sun Nov 10, 2013 6:33 pm

Great ideas here! I honestly have not ridden with my rear foot in front of the rear strap. I figured it would be too far forward but I will try. I do remember that rotating front strap and I'll look at it again. I'm also gonna try that 5'6" Whip strapless. I guess I thought it might be too small for strapless. I got it for strapped jumping but it's a sweet board :D

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Re: Just not feeling the strapped surfboard thing - advice..

Postby norcom » Sun Nov 10, 2013 10:08 pm

Is the Sports Gear Solutions rotating strap available for sale anywhere online? Their website looks to be down and everything I can find about it is from 2010.

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