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How to clip in using a climbing harness

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Re: How to clip in using a climbing harness

Postby crabnebula » Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:20 pm

Truth be told
You'll never break a belay loop they are tripled up where they are tacked and radial stitched
Something to be careful of is the cross loading of a carabiner. If you go into the harness's " catch and capture loops" (tie in points when using a rope) or the belay loop,..... A serious and huge danger in climbing and kiting is cross loading the carabiner loaded incorrectly or with an open gate BOTH reduce the carabiner strength to 25% of total strength. You loose. 75%. Look at the carabiners iconic load limitations etching if you don't believe me . This is typically 5-8 KN and as 1 KN ( kilo newton ) is about 248.97 pounds of dynamic force, loose a lot from a potential 24-28kn . You're not likely to brake anything by body weight.... But maybe just maybe by a strong kite loop......

Doubtful though.

Big thing to keep in mind is using a carabiner that is locking as well wider stock metal as to not put too much isolated pressure on the chicken loop or cord directly.... Over Tim that can be kinds bad too.

But be careful as Billy said that if you do use the belay loop you'll Gabe a hard time reaching the controls on the bar.

Maybe use a single point tie in harness instead of the typical sit harness design

I have a climbing kite harness that I made for huge air as well as kite mountaineering where I am ice climbing to get to kiting !

One harness please

Good luck

Don Monnot
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Re: How to clip in using a climbing harness

Postby Don Monnot » Sun Dec 08, 2013 3:21 pm

I'm looking for a new harness to use for snowkiting. I screwed up the bursa on my hip joint, and can't use a seat harness any more. I now use a waist harness on the water, but I'm concerned that it will ride up pretty badly over my snowboard clothing. The Black Diamond Big Gun looks like it won't put any pressure on my hip, but still give me a harness that won't ride up. For those who have used one, does it work well?

Clipping into it seems like another question. One of my bars has a chicken loop where the loop can be opened (multiple QR systems on it). Can you just open the CL and run it through the "gray loop" on the Big Gun harness, then put the CL back together again? The "open the CL release" should still work, along with the other systems, and it would eliminate the need for a carabiner. That should also keep the bar closer to my body, which would be helpful since my arms are a little on the short side.


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Re: How to clip in using a climbing harness

Postby maradon1 » Mon Dec 09, 2013 7:04 pm


I use big gun and it's pretty comfy. You definitely want some 'big wall' harness...

This one is even comfier: ... mhhcm5lc3M

yeah and no problem if you want to undo your CL and run it through...It's actually my wife's setup on big gun. U can choose the distance by running it just through that "grey/orange" loop (or both) or you could follow them all the way through the harness if you have big CL (QR could not work that well with some small chicken loop set up this way though, so just test it!!! )

I have no problem with carabiner but I'm 200cm so probably longer arms :)

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