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Lake freeze rate

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Re: Lake freeze rate

Postby NHKitesurfer » Thu Jan 01, 2015 11:41 pm

Hardwater Kiter wrote:Absolutely altitude! Sunapee gets and holds it's ice much better than any other lakes that far south. Even better than a lot of the lakes near us in North Conway. Seems to operate on a similar schedule as lakes up north like Umbagog. Umby sets up earlier but Sunapee seems to stay in play just as long which is really remarkable being so far south. (relatively)

I love this video. It really illustrates how the ice seems almost alive.

We have really good surface for speed. Takes nothing to get moving which is good because our winds have been pretty lame lately. Today is looking pretty sweet. Getting ready to ride as I type. :D

No record breaks today without more wind. But it will still be a great day out there!
Damn Chris you gave away my secret spot lol...won't be long until we are riding there.

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Re: Lake freeze rate

Postby danielkeder » Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:00 am

i was just recently researching this topic myself :)

there are some pretty good articles on this and yeeeees a whoooole bunch of science exlaining how lakes/water freezes over.

after reading quite a few all comes down to - it freezes when it feezes :)))

There are simply soooo many factors that you can't really tell if its safe or not just by doing some math, science, checking weather...

basically what it comes down to is - you gotta know the lake. What do the locals say how it freezes? there are some lakes where it takes only couple of days before it freezes and its ok to kite on (I live close to Neusiedler see in Austria) or it might take at least a good week of well below zero before a lake is safe to ride on.

major factors are how deep the lake is, plants in the lake, some lakes might have warmer spring or bubbles which form because of...who knows why.

Right opposite to my house,e.g. is a tiny pond. Can't be deeper than 10-15feet yet it still didnt freeze over and Neusiedlersee is flozen solid since days (and I was kiting there 2 days ago)! I suppose its because of some plants / rotting going on in the pond which prevents it from freezing.

You simply just can't know for sure and the best way is to look out for locals to get out there and skate...

general rules are that ice is OK to walk/skate/SNK on when its 4-5inches thick. For this...i suppose you just have to drill a whole obviously you'd want to check at least couple spots starting pretty close to the shore going out farther (right at the shore the lake just doesnt freeze at all/lightly btw).

You can find some charts based on science calculations which show graphs how fast ice forms on ....NORMAL lakes (ie no under-currents, springs, rotting vegetation underneath). Google it FYI but in kind of doesnt mean much bc your life does depend on more factors than just some science graphs.

ow an last point - wind does chill and helps to freeze the lake MUCH faster than if no wind! It simply takes off the heat from the lake faster. Snow cover, on the other hand, acts as "insulator" and makes the ice grow MUCH slower (2x slower I read) than if no-snow. Lake also freezes from the shore to the middle - so in theory the ice is weakest in the middle of the lake.

Don Monnot
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Re: Lake freeze rate

Postby Don Monnot » Fri Jan 02, 2015 1:38 pm

I got out on my local lake yesterday. I used a drill to check ice thickness from shore to shore. The drill bit I used was 5.5. inches long, and I never hit water. Ice fishermen on the lake said they hadn't hit anything less than 6 inches of ice. A week ago it was open water. That's a lot of ice in a short time.

It must have skimmed over on a very calm night, since the ice was amazingly smooth with very clear ice. Good fun on a snowboard with switchblade adapter. 38 mph in about 20 mph gusts. I wasn't gutsy enough to try my 9m kite with hockey skates--probably should have tried it.

I may head back out there today just to skate. No wind today, and snow/freezing rain/rain/snow forecast starting tonight. That'll mess up the ice, but at least there's enough ice now to handle a bit of snow on top. We're only supposed to get about 2-3 inches of accumulation after the rain changes back to snow, so we shouldn't have the "buried slush layer" issue you get with deep snow over thin ice.

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Re: Lake freeze rate

Postby bay surfer » Fri Jan 02, 2015 4:29 pm

Don as the lake ice thaws it takes a huge amount of thermal energy out of the lake, so the lake tends to freeze faster deeper, and Harder, just need the damn snow!!

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Re: Lake freeze rate

Postby edt » Fri Jan 02, 2015 4:54 pm

bay surfer wrote:Don as the lake ice thaws it takes a huge amount of thermal energy out of the lake, so the lake tends to freeze faster deeper, and Harder, just need the damn snow!!
i dont want snow. Built a brand new iceboard just waiting for it to freeze around here.

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