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 Post subject: Naish V4 14m, 18m with UDS vs Rhino 2, Rhino 4
PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 2004 11:48 am 
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73kg, kiting for 18 mnths. Slingshot SX 136 for most conditions and a LFT for v light wind. Use a North bar with an Ozone quick release.
Have just decided to change Rhino2 quiver to V4. Demoed Rhino 4 18m and 12m before choosing V4. Have owned V4 14m and 18m for about 3 weeks, UDS for about 6 weeks. Also have used UDS with Rhino2s.

It’s awesome, particularly when used with the V4. It has substantially extended wind range, particularly in gusty conditions. I was able to fly:
V4 18m in 7 to 20 knots
V4 14m up to 25 knots
Also extended wind range of Rhino 2s though not as much as V4.
UDS takes a couple of sessions to become comfortable. Out of loop riding is a different style to in loop.
UDS out of loop: Can tack upwind another 5 - 10 degrees. Great for gusty conditions. Had a lot more control at the upper end of the wind range. Jumping, out of the loop, also more control, the kite flies and turns faster out of loop.
With UDS, I may only need a 2 kite quiver. (though will probably keep my Rhino 2 8m)

V4 14m and 18m both turn quicker than Rhino 2, and on par with Rhino 4.

V4 very stable and easy to fly. More forgiving than Rhino 2.

V4 power is similar to Rhino 2.
V4 depower is significantly more than R2 and marginally more than R4.

V4 is incredibly lofty.

At least as good as Rhino 2, need UDS for strong gusts. UDS out of loop even better upwind

Bar and lines
Wax coating on lines is excellent, appear to repel each other when wet.
Bar is good, though I’ve chosen to continue using my North bar.

Safety Release
Had an accident last year trying to undo the Naish X2 chicken loop quick release with wet hands in a strong updraft, changed my chicken loop to the Ozone quick release which uses a big red loop and a pin. Have used this system for about a year , seems to work consistently doesn’t get jammed with sand, works very quickly and reliably with wet hands, without having to look down ie just reach down and pull.
I am quite concerned that I can not change the Naish UDS chicken loop to the Ozone or similar loop.
To release the kite using UDS in the chicken loop, you need to unhook (or push chicken loop release up), find one of the two slippery red balls on the UDS leash, decide which red ball you have found, if it is the one nearest your harness (RB1) then you must push it away with wet hands and the kite will be completely released. If it is the other ball (RB2) you must pull it towards you, the kite will collapse and remain attached.
This is all too complicated, only one step systems work in an emergency!!!
Yesterday after only 6 weeks use, tested emergency release, the glue separated on RB1, the ball moved but no release!!!
I’d like to see a loop and pin system on the chicken loop similar to Ozone and Slingshot.
I’d like to see a loop and pin system on the leash.
The only consolation is that UDS provides so much depower that the need to use a quick release is reduced.

I am extremely happy with V4 kites with UDS, absolutely amazing, recommending to all my friends.
I am really disappointed with the safety release.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 03, 2004 12:01 am 
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What qualities of the V4 and the Rhino 4 made you choose the V4?


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PostPosted: Sat Jan 03, 2004 3:07 am 
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It was very hard to decide between V4 and R4. Both excellent kites.
Chose V4 eventually due to better depower (and therefore greater windrange), loftier, more forgiving in jumps, same speed and turning.

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