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North Kiteboarding Issue 09/2017 - The Bubble Film

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North Kiteboarding Issue 09/2017 - The Bubble Film

Postby Toby » Fri Sep 22, 2017 4:28 pm

North News:

North Kiteboarding Issue 09/2017 - The Bubble Film

nkb 1.jpg

Yesterday, ‘The Bubble’ film was kicking off its premier world tour in Hood River!

Kiteboarding is a magical sport for so many reason. It takes you to places you could only dream about, allows for creative flare and personal expression, opens our eyes to nature’s elements, grows friendships and above all, is a lifestyle and a bubble ready for total immersion.

Watch as Noé Font, Colleen Carroll, Stefan Spiessberger, Craig Cunningham, Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court and friends live in The Bubble 24/7, pushing their riding as hard as possible in order to create their best sections ever! Shot in 4k and filmed at their favourite locations across the world, ‘The Bubble’ film is 30 minutes of kiteboarding glory!

Catch the film first at one of the premiers. Brought to you personally by one of the featured riders, we guarantee it will be one hell of an experience. Check out the tour schedule to see whether there’s a screening near you!

Available to everyone once the premier tour is complete, don’t miss out on getting your hands on a free copy by signing up here.

Want to find out more? Read all about how ‘The Bubble’ film came about, the highs, the lows, the trips and more on the North Kiteboarding blog.

“The whole idea is to get people stoked on full length movie projects again. Hopefully we’ll inspire them just like the old kite films have inspired us. I mean, where is the beauty in a one minute Instagram clip? You look away from the screen once and the whole thing is over already. We want people to sit down, grab some popcorn and enjoy this thing. If they don’t have the time, someone else will.”

nkb 2.jpg
nkb 2.jpg (55.08 KiB) Viewed 713 times

“The Bubble" is aimed fully at kiters with trips dedicated to the film, quality production, something with a cool style, mainly a bit different and very watchable. The aim is to make something that inspires and can be watched over and over again, instead of it being a bit of throw away content.”

nkb 3.jpg
nkb 3.jpg (60.11 KiB) Viewed 713 times

“Riders like Aaron and myself have lived inside the kite bubble for years, Stefan brings the new ‘competitive bubble' edge, Colleen brings the female perspective on her bubble, Craig operators inside the ‘wake style’ bubble and Noe… well he is busy creating a bubble of his own!”

nkb 4.jpg
nkb 4.jpg (59.05 KiB) Viewed 713 times

Taking us behind the scenes, Craig’s candid interview reveals the magic moments, the laughs, the struggles and triumphs during the creation of the feature length film! Leaving his career of Power Engineering far behind him, this Pro Rider credits his fellow team riders and acknowledges the amazing opportunities kiteboarding has presented him with.

nkb .jpg
nkb .jpg (28.8 KiB) Viewed 713 times

Congratulations to all our riders involved and especially to Noé Font, the visionary behind the movie. His passion and drive has created something quite stunning. Enjoy!

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