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Postby Guest » Wed Sep 04, 2002 4:10 am

rick ioossi what's the deal in good old miami
is it ok for anyone to ride there, or do i need to get pass from you.are you at beach everyday?how much do you charge for videos?
do you get in the water with us?

thanks, joey

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Postby Ray-au » Wed Sep 04, 2002 9:54 am

Hey KC, If I see someone doing what you seem to find OK on my local beach, Ill make shure he gets lost. If you get hurt trying to be progressive, we will all suffer the consequences, eg restrictions on us. Thanks a lot dude, do your sport somewhere else.


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Postby Toby » Wed Sep 04, 2002 11:27 am

I think it is very important nowadays that we watch what we are doing at the beach.
It can't be without consequences, that someone is doing handle-passes in front of a packed beach. This should be history.
If you are alone at the beach and no-one anywhere near you or farther away, do whatever you want to.
Anything negative should be avoided. We have some problems here due to irresposible behaviors. Now we worry about restrictions.
And I tell you, it is the best if we restrict ourselves than the authorities.
Riders riding without safety will get more and more in trouble, handle passes are a absolutely no no.
If you worry about your spot, tell the guys doing this not to do it and if they don'T listen, get the good guys together and regulate it the way you think is most effective. Sorry, but otherwise our sport will die and no-one wants to miss the feeling being out there.
So it is up to us now and we should take the chance.
Also if you see beginners or hear that they didn't do a course - force them to do one.
And help in any situation (runaway kites, tangled kites, start problems, twisted lines, etc.)

And if you want to do towing, make sure you do it somewhere where no one will see what might happens to you.
Also think about the consequences for the boat captain, I assume he might get in big trouble as well, if something happens. He is the one being responsible....

As to the questions for Rick:
KC I suggest to contact Rick personally and sort some thing out, if Rick or you is still is interested in it.
I appreciate Ricks effort and work (his is not getting any money for it!) for our community.
So if you have critism about anything, it is always welcome but watch your words and avoid personal attacks, even if you get attacked.
If you have your own ideas about safety let us know or maybe a contact with Rick could be a big value for all of us.

this should be avoided here:

and this is welcome:


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