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tuning 2line kite

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Postby rO » Thu May 23, 2002 10:49 pm

Can any of you oldschool wipika classic riders or other 2line connaiseurs who
know a lot about fine tuning 2linekite-bridle help me out here.
My Virus-med doesn't fly anywhere near okay...
Instead of using the xxtra short bar that comes with this kite, I use a 58cm bar, or else the kite reacts quite sloppy, even in high winds and/or high tension on the lines.
Please don't tell me I gotta crank that small virus bar more; I know a lot about flying 2liners, but not all....I flew this kite in highwinds but piviting the bar...pff, it's just too small man...

"da fing is"...(thanx Morris) while using this 58cm bar giving the kite a big input from zenith, both tips pinch in, the kite luffs back a little in the powerzone, where it catches wind again.
It seems that the only remedy is: not steering all that radical, but hey!!!
My Wipika Inferno 9, witch is bigger, steers better(with the same bar) and has way more pop, sheets out better when I edge. I can't remember why I was so stoked about the virus in the first place :sad:

So, who does recognize any of this stuff, please reply

cu punks


Postby Guest » Sun May 26, 2002 12:40 am

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