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Advance Kobra 17.7

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Advance Kobra 17.7

Postby Tapio » Tue Jun 22, 2004 12:02 pm

In the another thread about 21m2 Nemesis ( index.php?page= ... tton=forum ) I was asked that do I like the Advance kites.

I have only tested the 17.7 and seen also the 12.8. Next time we have good winds I will try to go out with that also.

It may not be best to compare Kobra 17.7 to Rhino2 20 or Cabrinha BT 14 03, but these are only to give some picture of the kites performance. And also my light weight does not give right for the big kites power and potential.

The build quality is very good and every bit of the kite has been thought before made. Also the whole constructions looks like it has been thought very carefully with aerodynamics in mind.

In the air the Kobra is very very stable and you can fly it to anywhere in the edge of the windwindow and just forget there and it stays there. This was great as the wind was only about 7knots at the weakest.

When flying it, it is faster than Rhino2 20 (Kobra is smaller and newer model so this is as it should be by default), but not as fast as 14m2 kites like Cabrinha BT 03. Kobra comes faster as the wind picks up like that day from 7 to 12 knots and more, but all the time it is stable, predictable and easy to control.

Kobra is not like a bull as the Rhino2 is, but you get as musch power you want from it with speed. This does not mean that the Kobras power is weak when it just sits in the edge of the window or flies gently trough it, because there are great amount of power and potential, but in more controllable way than in Rhino2. The faster you fly Kobra the more power you get and this gave me and advantage in riding since the 17.7 is too big size for me as me being only 65kg and I was supriced how well I could ride with it and control the power.

I was going out in 7knots and when it steadily picked up to 12knots I was able to handle the power without a problem and there were still depower left. With Rhino2 20 I had to come to beach in 10-11knots. Depower in Kobra is very straightforward, you pull a bit and the kite power depowers a bit and all the way to the max depower the power of the kite changes. I would say that Kobras depower is better than in Cabrinha BT 2003 as it seems to have few steps in depower.

When jumping the Kobra gives you hang time. Also the kite got me higher than the Rhino2 20. For floaty jumps and rotations this is great kite as it gets you reasonably high and keeps you there while it just waits you to command where to go next and then it automatically does what you want.

Kobras are great kites and for hevier rider than me the 17.7 will offer very wide wind range, power with control and great air with hang time. If you have any opportunity test Kobras, use it. I will and next try out the 12.8.

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