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Postby Nunob » Fri Feb 03, 2006 3:12 pm

I finally got the chance to ride my repature 2 9m it has been a really bad winter here and the chances to ride haven't been much or when we have the conditions to ride... well we are working so no fun.

the wind was going from 12 / 13 knots to 20 / 25 knots in a second so it was pretty gusting and unstable
since was my first time using this kind of (flat/bow) kite and the session was only about 30 minutes so I'm not able to make
an extensive review, it will be only my impressions for this first time.

I'm a 70 klg person and my board is 139 / 38 size

First this kite is fast and powerful and it handles gusts pretty well you just sheet out the bar and than... where's the gust?
I also like the pulleys system it has (CC-Bar) I think some how gives you the feeling of how much depower or power you have when you sheet in or sheet out and I always knew where the kite was (since this is something that people complain about in this new kites).
upwind was great and relaunch from land was great too with the LE downwind just pull the rear lines it goes up makes 180º turn and of you go I didn't try other ways.
and for the moment that's it
I enjoyed it but I still need to get in the water more times to have a full understanding of this kite.

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