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 Post subject: SS 20.5m Machine Review
PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 7:19 pm 
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Okay I just got back from florida and I bought a machine right before my vacation. Right when I launched it was 9-12 knots and I was using a 135X35cm board I thought would be a bit under powered with such a small board by the way I weigh 160 pounds I think thats about 70 kg so I launch I start to feel a very smooth power not like my Mach 3 16m which I still love and have. I thought this kite would have bad upwind capabilities because it looks very low aspect ratio I'm used to the high aspect ratio of a M3 but it had super upwind capabilities. The online is super easy to use. Well when I gained some speed and started to dive it again to get more speed for the jump I went rocketing up wind so fast I was suprised. The machine is a medium aspect ratio kite but it has a better upwind proformance then my very high aspect ratio M3. I got ready for a jump I jumped up and felt this feeling of glide in the kite it had super long hang time the jumps weren't big but they were very long. The machine was a fast turner for it's size.

Second day it was 6-9 knots. All I could say is it was okay it was not great I had to go down wind all the time had to do the walk of shame alot but I was going up wind in the gusts I'm thinking they were about 8-9 knot gust I could go up wind. No jumps were possible. If I had a bigger board it would have been a fun day but I didn't think about bringing a 150X43cm board on my windy vacation.

On the 5th day of my vacation it started blowing I went to bahia honda state park were the wind was side on shore it was 8-11 knots. I had a blast jumps were possible but very small ones.

6th day it was 16-19 knots I was kiting on my M3 12m when I disided to see how well the oneline works. I launched the kite I got dragged until I pulled in the oneline in like foot but still I was way over powered so I pulled in the oneline like 2 feet it lost probibly 50 percent of it's power I got my board I started to go upwind when there was a huge gust probibly 20-21 knots I was really scared I was all ready going at a huge amount of speed and edging like crazy. I was scared if I jump I'll probibly never land so I think big jumps are possible in this wind.

Over all I have 1.5 years of experence. I don't do unhocked. I like to jump high when powered up not overpowered.
I'll have to say the fun range of this kite is 10-15 knots. Hang time is insane. The jumps are long but not high. Overall this is a very nice kite. :thumb:

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