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Vegas 06 16 meter

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Vegas 06 16 meter

Postby Olliedog » Sun Apr 09, 2006 5:22 pm

I just got my brand spanking new Vagas 06 kites.
Yesterday I got my first oppertunity to hit the water.
As i arrived at my local beach i see big guys on 12mtrs struggling so i unpack my 16 meter and start pumping up, as i do so the wind picks up, to cut a long story short the wind was up and down.

I finally get into my drysuit and a friend launches my kite, with no depower on i am crusing wheen everyone else is on the beach including a 16 mtr boxer 2 an a 18 mtr takoon.
I spend about 45 mins on the water boosting the biggest jumps i have ever done and for hang time wow!!!
during my sail the gusts were smooth, with just a flutter coming from the kite.

Eventually my legs are getting tired so i came back to the beach as i step off my board with full depower on i was lofted about 6ft in the air, so i grab a foot of 5th line. Kite is now solid above me and no more lofting!
after packing it up i get out the wind meter and it was blowing 28knots and everyone else was rigging 8 mtrs.!!!

Huge depower on the kite well impressed well done North!!
It is not the same as a bow kite depower but traditional C shape depower so you can easily ride on the stop, sheeting in when you wasnt more power.

In short grunty low end and high depower for the high end, no complaints!! :thumb:

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Vegas 06 16m

Postby mrtbreeze » Thu May 04, 2006 9:43 am

What is it like in light winds? Im thinking of getting Vegas 9 & 12 for stronger winds but assume the Rhino 16 would be better for going upwind in marginal conditions.

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Postby nyckiteboarder » Thu May 04, 2006 12:04 pm

the rhino definitely does not have that kind of depower. i was riding on my 12m answer & my buddy was on his 12m 06 rhino. we weigh about the same & are at the same level of experience but as soon as the wind hit the high 20's he kept getting blown off his edge. he had to go in finally. i think the vegas has more depower but nothing like the newer bow or hybrid bows. the rhino's really don't depower that great but do have tremendous power for their size. in my opinion the veags is a much better kite than the rhino but see if you can try for yourself.

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16 vagas or 16 rhino

Postby Olliedog » Thu May 04, 2006 1:51 pm

I have not flown the rhino 16 as i am generally on the water on my vagas, however what i can sat is that the vagas has good low end power, i had more power than my froends on thier boxer2 16's and raven'16's yes the weigh a little more but that was compensated as they had bigger boards.
i also got going before an 18mtr.

i would suggest 16 vagas over the rhino as they are newer kite better depower so you can hold onto it for longer.

hope this helps.

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