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SLE Reviews

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SLE Reviews

Postby oqion » Tue May 09, 2006 11:57 am

I promised a review of the Best Waroo in comparison to the OR One. I flew several kites on Saturday and Sunday and in the past weeks. I will write a review of each of the kites I have tried. The kites I flew include:
  • Ocean Rodeo The One 9m
    Naish Shockwave 12m
    Globerider GK Sonic 11m
    Caution Answer 12m
    Cabrinha Crosbow 12m
    Cabrinha Switchblade 12m
    Best Waroo 12m
    Best Waroo 9m
The new style kites I have not flown include:
  • Airush Halo : I don’t intend to try it. For no specific reason.
    Flexfoil ION: I held one on the beach, but did not get to ride with it.
    Liquid Force Assault:
    Slingshot Turbo Diesel: I just can’t seem to find anyone who will let me try one.
    Other Kites not available in the US: BA!
In conjunction with my review I have made a table describing kite cost and wind range. This in formation I compiled as much as possible based on manufacturer’s websites, however I also had to use retailer data when none was available on the manufacturer’s site. Costs are in US Dollars. I have to add, that with some of the wind range numbers, I have personal reservations.

I am going to be very frank and honest, about my opinions. And I am going to focus not just on what I do like, as most vendors etc. have done, but focus directly on the problems with the kite. Bear in mind, I am an average rider that has been kiteboearding about 5 years. My opinions are not likely to be exactly the same as anyone else’s.

Ocean Rodeo The One 9m

I believe I have reviewed this one to death.

Globerider GK Sonic 11m.

I really don’t want to hark on this kite too much. There are so many people who really like it. But when I took this kite out I couldn’t tell where it was in the sky without looking at it. I understand that if you fly it long enough you will become more accustomed to it.

The stopper on the kite was very easy to disengage and once released it was nearly impossible to reset while on the water.

The Sonic uses the same dynamic line de-power as the OR One and the Slingshot. The way the cam cleat worked, and the tension on the lines made it difficult to move the power setting. You could tell that others had the same sort of difficulty from the tattered state of the dynamic end of the line.

The kite was very fast. Some people rave about this, but I found it twitchy.

I got many chances to discover how easy the kite was to re-launch.

Caution Answer 12m

The Caution has a lot going for it. It feels like a C kite, and it de-powers quite a bit. I had a great time in the waves with this kite. It was smooth and easy to use. The bar pressure was not too great, but it was a bit more than the Sonic or the One.

There is no one-pump with the Answer but it is made easier by the use of self sealing valves.

The Answer was slightly unstable at times. Although not to the point that it was unusable. From time to time I over-sheeted the wing and had it back up just a bit. Once I jumped and on landing the kite was spiraling down. I guess there was a lull in the wind and I over-sheeted during the jump. It did come right back up though. Re-launch, even in the waves was quite easy.

Cabrinha Switchblade 12m

Wow! What a stable kite. Smooth effortless jumps. This kite is really easy to fly. I was very impressed. I had a great time on this kite, but I didn’t stay out on it for long.

The bar pressure was a bit much. I was trying to concentrate on jumping or going upwind, or anything else but the bar pressure. It’s really too bad because it was a wonderful kite otherwise.

I am looking for a kite for a beginner, and I seriously don’t understand Cabrinha’s marketing this kite as the beginner style in their lineup.

You don’t see this kite on the resale market much so… I don’t know. If I had been the kite tester I would have insisted on less bar pressure.

Naish Shockwave 12m

Once again Wow! Compared to most of the kites this was an incredibly nice kite. I really liked the way it handled and flew. It was a bit slower than some, but it was very very stable.

The construction on the Shock was very nice. Lots of attention to detail, very nice colours to boot. I especially liked the Octopus system. It was really cool to plug in an automatic pump and watch as the kite came alive. For the price some of these kites run they really should have this feature. Actually, for the price it should come with the compressor!

The downsides...

The kite stays back in the window more than the others, I bet that is where the stability comes from. It likes to ride low, like a low aspect kite. None of this is a downside except that this makes the kite less capable of going upwind. Not too much mind you, it’s just more of a C kite kind of upwind ability.

Jumping was ok to good, but not as good as I would have liked. I really would like the kite to have jumped better. Maybe it’s something you learn.

There are two shocks with the shockwave. The first is the MSRP. Is Naish trying to be the posh kite? I keep expecting to see a Naish/Guchi deal or something. The kite is defiantly over-priced. I was tempted to call it the “sticker-shock waveâ€
Kite Cost Comparison

Here is the cost analysis. After trying a bunch of these kites I don’t buy the disparity in wind range claims. So for the price-per-knot column I have normalized all of the wind ranges to 18 knots.
KitCost.JPG (53.81 KiB) Viewed 4029 times

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Postby bigmark100 » Tue May 09, 2006 9:28 pm

nice! thanks for the reviews.

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Postby HJ11 » Tue May 09, 2006 10:41 pm

Thx for your reviews :thumb:
I like to know what you are gonne think of the LF Assault :bye:

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Postby Mlkman » Tue May 09, 2006 11:11 pm

Can you try an Ozone Instinct as well?? (I will never have a chanse to REALY try all those brands, would be interesting to find out what someone who does thinks about it in competition)

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Postby HJ11 » Mon May 22, 2006 3:37 am

Thx :thumb:

Have you had a go at the LF Assault jet?

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Postby Galeltic » Mon May 22, 2006 4:09 am

i suspect that its hoax cause someone who write this article , is best waroo supportive cause in canada cabrinha cost more than liquid force and others by 500 bucks different , etc u make me laugh ! :bye:

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Re: SLE Reviews

Postby vietkiter » Mon May 22, 2006 11:32 pm

oqion wrote:Actually, for the price it should come with the compressor!
Well oqion... I can't remember ever enjoying a review so much... that's a lot of effort... an was very informative and funny... and the attempt to normalize the choices... price per kts is debatable but a nice touch... respect.

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