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Review Ozone Instinct 9 2006

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Review Ozone Instinct 9 2006

Postby Arilex » Wed Feb 14, 2007 4:25 pm

Review for Ozone Instinct 2006 9

Times tested: 2-5
Range: 18kn to 40+kn

Good: low bar pressure,
extremely stable,
big range,
absorbs gusts

Bad: water relaunch

Review: Comparison between the Ozone Instinct 9m² 2006 and the Best Waroo 7m² 2007.

Both are excellent kites!
Both kites are robust.
Both kites respond directly to steering impulse.
Both kites can be tedious to relaunch: If the bridle of the Waroo gets behind the kite the game is over: Impossible to relaunch**). The Instinct can invert and with low wind simply refuses to launch from the water.
Both kites have about the same range: from about 18 knots to 40+ *)
Both kites are easy to use unhooked. The Waroo should be set to the lowest power settings (the knot the farthest away from the kite) for unhooked riding.

The Instinct has a 5th line, the Waroo has 6(!) pulleys.

Riding the Instinct 9 feels like riding a Mercedes Benz, riding the Waroo 7 is like riding a Ferrari.

The Instinct does what you want. The Waroo does what you tell it to do (which might not always be what you want).

The Instinct has extreme low bar pressure, which makes it very comfortable. The bar pressure of the Waroo is quite high. For this it is good it has a stopper ball. With the stopper ball in place the Waroo feels just like a C-kite.

The Instinct needs more force to steer than the Waroo, so therefore gives better feedback about where the kite is.

The Waroo can surprise you sometimes to be suddenly at the other side of the window without you noticing, especially when wave riding.

Waroo is fast and direct in its steering, Instinct a touch less direct and noticeably slower.

The Instinct feels a bit underpowered most of the time (but isn't) and gives a smooth, almost meditative, riding feel. It seems to have a built-in gust-absorber The Waroo delivers power and is more nervous, gusts have to be tackled manually.
When it comes to looping the kite, the roles reverse: When looping the Instinct it suddenly shows its aggressive side: a lot of power is generated, while looping the Waroo is a jiffy. To generate power, the Waroo has to be deliberately looped slower and in a big arc.

The Waroo jumps fast, aggressively and high and can come down quite quick as well, so that makes it difficult to land. The Instinct jumps smooth and controlled, not so high and feels like a paraglider. Controlling the landing is easy.

*) I (72 kg) have been out in winds over 40 knots with both kites and never lost control, so I don't know when these kites gets overpowered.

Rider Profile

Weight (kg): 71-80
Ability: Intermediate
Style: Waverider
Preferred Water: Wave
Preferred Power: Over
Preferred Kite Size: 7.0
Most Used Kite Size: 7.0
Preferred Board Style:
Preferred Board Size: 131-140
Brand Affiliation: Normal Customer
Similar gear used: Best Waroo
Flysurfer Extacy

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