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Reveiew: Best Nemesis 10m Demo Kite

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Reveiew: Best Nemesis 10m Demo Kite

Postby Kurt » Sat Sep 22, 2007 8:54 pm

Ok, I have had a fair bit of time on the demo 10 Nemi HP now in different conditions (not waves yet). I am a dealer/rep fyi if you did not already know this. Warning - this could go on a bit!

Most of the people in my area fit into the 30 something, big air old school style demographic so we all naturally loved the Waroo pro last season with the 13 being the most popular for our conditions which are average 15-20kts.

In a few quick words I would sum the 10m Nemi HP up as having the 10m Bullaroo feel, the old C kite nemi rip off the water sensation and somewhere between the 07 waroo pro and waroo in hang time. Although I would say you can get great double lift and hang if you work the kite right during your jumps and it also rips you a bit higher than the pro so all in all no big air performance is lost.

Last year a few of the locals opted for the std waroo over the pro as they found it a bit technical to fly and quite high performance. I loved this myself, but could understand where they were coming from as you did have to be on the ball with your kite control. I still think the waroo pro is the best kite I've owned to date (especially the 11m), and the nemi hp feels like it will be in the same category for my own personal preferences.

One thing is pretty obvious though, out of the 20 or so guys and girls that have tried it, they have all come back with the ' gee, that's a nice kite' reaction. I have personally all but sold out of my first order, purely based on the demo rides these kiters have had. Pretty rare, considering we haven't even seen the other sizes yet.

I have tried it on 23/25 and 27m lines, 45 and 55 bar, and AA, AB and AC settings. My personal favourite is AB on 55 bar and AA on a 45 bar with 25m lines. This is really a personal feel thing but needless to say, I think there is a setting there for everyone to enjoy.

This demo is a one pump, but I have ordered all non one pump kites simply due to the pricing difference and the feedback I get from everyone around here - they want simplicity and the best deal possible.

One thing I would point out, the kite has amazing bottom end. It really has blown me away. I would say from the 15 or so hours I've had on it that it matched the 11 w pro bottom end - even a bit more! Top end not really sure but in 28-30kts I was pretty lit up, and I generally hold a lot of kite on windy days. I don't think I would like to be in it over 30kts. This is my opinion though and referring to what we call "30" here locally - which could be different to your own wind interpretation. I ride a 133x40 cardboard in high wind and am 95kg.

The finish is A1, the bag pretty bling and heavy duty - (bags don't do much for me personally) people have really liked it from the comments I have had. It came with some nice little extras in the side pocket - I'll let you wait and see what comes with yours!

Overall, I'm really impressed with this kite and look forward to trying the 12 and 14. They will be the real test for our local conditions.
Have got heaps of photos and some video but there is so much around already hey!

Hope you enjoyed my review and I suggest you have a test ride on one before you choose a new kite.

When you compare it against other kites on offer for 2008, have a look at the build quality, LE seam, the different tuning settings that really make it suitable to any style of rider, the upwind ability, easy relaunch and the boost and hang time - all outstanding on this kite.

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