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Eclipse Thruster 10 and 16 Test

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Eclipse Thruster 10 and 16 Test

Postby mjkiter » Sat Nov 03, 2007 4:28 pm

About a week ago here on the OBX, my girlfriend and I tried some of the 2008 Eclipse kites. On the light wind day (15knots), I was on the 16 and my girlfirend was on the 10. I weigh 205 and she is 105 pounds (soaking wet!). She is an intermidate rider and was immediatley confortable and cranking upwind on the 10 and doing nice little jumps. She currently flies the 2007 Switchblade II that she loves. I was on the 16M and found it to have extra hang-time and loft than most kites I have tried in light wind. Moderate bar pressure, quick turning and very predicatble. It is a great light wind kite.

The next day it was blowing 25 to 30 and I was on the 10M Thruster. It is probably the best kite I have flown in high winds. Huge, lofty jumps, very in control. There were huge gusts that day and the kite was rock solid in the air. Normally when I am flying 10's, I find them too fast and a little scarry. I was right at home on the 10M Thruster since it felt like a responsive 12M.

The 2008 Eclipse kites look good this year!

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