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 Post subject: 2008 Ocean Rodeo Rise wave review and photos
PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 8:11 pm 
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This just in from Kevin Collins on Maui, after extensive testing of the 2008 8M Rise in the surf.

" This kite kicks ass.....
I have been riding the the 8m Rise since December 18th. Maui has had a series of small swells and extremely gusty conditions. By gusty I mean 5 to 45mph with rain squalls. In order to deal with these extreme conditions and make the most of the waves I have been riding a 6'8" swallow tail surfboard reinforced for kiting. The combination of the Rise and little larger board has allowed me to stay out longer, point higher and perform better than other riders most of whom are using 7.5 to 9m kites and slightly smaller boards down to 6'.
I must say that I could not be more stoked with a kite right out the bag than I am with the Rise. The set up is so quick I actually don't even use the inflate valve. I just inflate directly into the deflate valve and seal it off, close off the strut pinchers and I'm done. The details like the bridle end holders make keeping the bridles clean and easy to set up. The bar is simple, effective and very safe. I tested it when riding unhooked and bar got ripped out of my hands. The safety worked perfectly, it was easy to uncleat it and relaunch quickly.
The kite is bomb proof as it has already taken a direct hit by 5' bowl and came out unscathed. The flying characteristic are so predictable that I have started taking even more chances in lighter winds. The kite looping is so tight and easy that I can throw a kite loop at will to get a little speed boost to out run a section then depower to stay in the critical part of the wave. I have mostly been riding hooked as the wind has been so gusty. On 12/2/08 we had some slightly onshore conditions that steadied out the wind and made unhooking possible. With a quick depower at the cleat I could easily ride controlled and powered with no backward flying characteristics what so ever. I pulled in about 8" on the control lines to insure forward flight with good turning characteristics. I have been flying with the extensions on the kite lines to give the kite greater range and that has really helped in the light winds.
Bar pressure was ideal. Jumping at will over whitewater is easy. Perfect super tight kite loops make adding power and speed as needed totally predictable.
Overall the kite is a top performer both hooked and unhooked. I can't wait to try the 10m. I wish I could have a 10m that weighed the same as the 8m. That truly would be a miracle kite. A 10m will probably be my main light wind kite with the 12 or 14 just for super light wind days. I know the 6'8" has something to do with my ability to outlast all the other riders but I give 70% of the credit to the kite. The bottom end of the kite is great and I haven't even felt the top end, even on my 6'8".
Good work Ocean Rodeo for making a kite that handles the radical conditions of Lanes and Ho'okipa with power, range, predictability and strength.

Kevin Collins "

You can see the photo sequence here.



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 Post subject: The other extreme
PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2008 1:13 am 
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Great wave shots and nice review of the kite.
I have the 12M and 8M 2008 Rise and on the other end of the spectrum I used the 12M this weekend for some Snowkiting. We encountered from 10kts to well over 30kts and I was always comfortable on the 12M. This is at about 9000 ft in altitude so the air density is a bit lower, but in the high winds I was amazed and equally impressed with the low end. The kite is so stable and fast it allows this huge range.
Oh yeah, I had a few face plants in the deeper powder and the kite came down hard a few times, no worries, bomber construction is great.
I have ridden this kite in the water and love it, this is the first time I have used it for my snowkiting.

One complaint though is color choice, 2 of the lines Ocean Rodeo uses on their bar are white... bad choice for snow. Even in water, white is tougher to see, I sure like the colored lines. Sometimes manufactures need to think of things like this though, they do matter. The kite is nice looking, but again a lot of white in it and my friends said in the whiteout conditions I was tough to spot even though their very bright kites stood out really well.

Minor complaints, overall the kite and bar Rock !!!!

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2008 5:30 pm 
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Awesome shots mate! The 08 rise is really good for waveriding.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2008 1:15 am 
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The 08 Rises are an excellent wave kite and I would agree with all the posts above especially the bottom end of the smaller kites.
Being 110kg I started with a 8, 10 and 12 quiver but found for strong winds, a real 25knots plus, the 8 was a handful for wave riding on a surfboard, still possible but not ideal. When bottom turning I was getting pulled past the section I wanted to hit, the 8 has serious grunt.
I demoed the 6m and was surprised how good it felt as it was the smallest kite I had ever used. For riding waves in solid wind it is insane really fast and stable.
I have ended up with 6, 8 and 10 quiver and that easily covers the winds I ride in West Oz. All are fast, stable and well built. Bar is neat and tidy with easy adjustment of length of throw and de power.
Adjustment of flying characteristics are easy with the adjustment points on the bridle and back lines really working and have the pig tails already there. This was really useful as I like to tailor the feel of each kite to be as close to each other as possible, I slowed the 6 and sped up the 10.
Sorry do not have any photos of me riding the 6 or any decent size waves everyone wants to kite when it is good.

Cheers Andrew

File comment: Small wave in Gero on the 10
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