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2008 Eclipse Thruster 10m

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2008 Eclipse Thruster 10m

Postby Geronimo79 » Wed Jun 25, 2008 1:24 am


this week i got a chance to test the 10m Eclipse thruster from 2008.
First the owner shown me around the kite, it's a small flying fortress i tell you.
The LE has good strong protectors and the TE has some protectors as well, and boy they're tough. The tips of the struts have this tough fabric as well. Also the struts are re-enforced at the LE, like on my waroo 13m 07 but tougher.
Everything on the kite looks strong and indestructable.
Than he showed me the bar, which has a great QR. It works like most releases, but in the chickenloop there is this pretty big hook wich is verry easy to lock. There is even a possibility of changing the strength of the release. for handlepasses it seems to be better to have it a little tighter. The safety, well this is the only thing i don't know if its good, i guess it works but comming from a waroo it looks strange. There is a kind of fith line attachment @ the chickenloop, and this line goes trough the bar and connects just above the depowerstraps. What i seen on the vids it works, but haven't tried myself.

than up to the water with this kite. I was riding a bullaroo 7m in the morning.... than the 10m thruster. First try. I lay in the water and steer, jees... i was standing on the board but the kite was so fast it was already in the water. then try 2 and i was riding. And what a feeling.
The kite feels like a flying fortress, it feels strong and heavy, but in no way this is what the kite does. It is stable but so fast. lovely. Control was great as well.
Within the first track, i had the urge to jump, wich is not yet my strong thing, and usually i'm pretty late with trying this. But i had to. this kite was begging me to jump. it want you to improve it want you to go, it want to see progression.
The kite is roaring in the sky. I don't know for sure but i think we use the word grunt for it. well the kite has it.
The ride was great, nice and fast, had the chance to ride as flat on the water with my head in the water. (well almost)

By simply playing with the bar the kite reacted different. You can make it fast but can ride in gentle if you want. the experience with this kite was good verry good. And i say to all, try it.
Also for C kiters, i think this kite has a lot to offer. It's at least 10 times better as an Bandit. (not that that is an achievement) The Thruster is a beast in the sky who wants you to to improve and it makes you improve. It was great. and a lot different than my waroo, wich i still really really like.

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