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Test Goldenboards Luxury sw in English+Pics

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Test Goldenboards Luxury sw in English+Pics

Postby goldenboard » Fri May 15, 2009 10:07 am


if you want to have a look on it click here... :wink: ... 35x39.html
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Re: test Goldenboard Luxury sw by Hanglos team...

Postby goldenboard » Thu May 21, 2009 2:02 pm

hi here is the english version (thanks to Vinz)

English version:

It’s has been a long time we have heard about the brand Goldenboard, so far, we have only seen boards on website but the opportunity of making a real test was missing.


Moreover, Goldenboard is a French Brand which make us curious, let’s know more about it !

The luxury is definitely a top-of-the-range Freestyle board.
The luxury is available in 3 sizes: 128x37 / 135x39 / 135x41

Special thanks to Goldenboard team for lending us a board. We kept the board for several weeks, then we performed many tests in all possible conditions, including the ocean.

As usually, we made a summary of all riders’ feedbacks, many criteria have been chosen in order to define a frame of criteria. For each part, commentaries have been written by Goldenboard team.


Program and Price :

The Luxury is defined for Goldenboard as a all around freestyle model in 2009. As a matter of fact, the Luxury is a more multi-purpose product than it may seem.
Public price: 599€

For more information about sales, feel free to contact Goldenboard via :
Website :


Construction and Shape:

The model used for performing tests is a Luxury SW (Slim Waist) , size 135x39.

In order to understand better the shape and how the board is made, here are the explanations given by Goldenboard.

"The construction used is a « snowboard » construction type, the board is made with the new core “dual core” made of a wood core and high density herex laths. The board is covered on both sides with a carbon skin, bringing nerve and strength. Then, a top sheet is finally applied to protect against ultraviolet rays, therefore this improves solidity. "

At first glance, the board is nice and thick-vanished. The board looks robust and can be trusted.

There are 4 stance adjustments. Then, the distance between each foot can vary of a range from 36.5 cm for girls and small sizes to more than 49 cm for wakestylers.


Concerning the shape, the fish shapes of the tips allows an easy transition from frontside to backside, the transition is cleaner and softer without losing control. The transition from frontside to backside is easier thanks to the frontside fins which are shorter.

The wing tips avoid water projection, they also offer a better aim control as the wet surface is reduced.


The asymmetric fins (5 cm for backside edge and 4 cm for frontside edge) make the curves easier, just as the backside/frontside transitions and blind receptions.

The « partial concave » which is between feet creates a disturbance in order to generate acceleration and a better water evacuation to the fins. It also allows to stretch again the scoop lines between feet by bending the board.
The results : more speed, more pop, and a better grip.

The use of stringer combined with the “partial concave“ allows to lock the board by controlling the pop.

Equipment :

For us, Equipment is something important we have to focus on and explain clearly what it contains. GoldenBoard provides a really good set of pads and straps made with care. Whatever, feet are large or small, no problem.
By the way, the “gaz pedal” located at the front is really efficient even for smallest riders.
In the past, we had noticed some brands used to make efforts, Goldenboard brings the evidence, it’s possible to have light, comfortable pads, offering a perfect riding position. Well done!!


Upwind&Speed :

We always dread testing boards larger than 130 cm, but once again we had a nice surprise.

There is no need to press heels strongly to go upwind. The board is reactive and always gives a good aim control.
Then, going upwind is easy and not physical. Be aware of setting your stance properly though, even if the board is reactive, it has a vigorous style and can become stiff whether you don’t have the good stance.

Concerning the speed, the board is not made with the aim of doing speed, freeriders may get frustrated. Indeed, as the board is soft and erases water, in return it does generate high speed. We can also get this feeling while riding slow speed range.


Grip :

That’s a success whether the good stance is found. The grip is soft but does exist. The action of straightening the back foot to get the board runs more upwind is easy without being locked. We do say that if the board seems to be on a track, you can whenever steer it where you want to.

This asset is especially interesting for wave-riding. Test riders got really amazed and said the board had a real potential for waves.

The curves are quick and strong as if the lapping was erased. We get amazed the way we ride, we lean more than usual even while riding low speed and particularly without feeling a diabolical grip or a lock while navigating.

Manoeuvrability :

Without being as easy to handle as a X-sets from Aboard compared to same sizes, the Luxury gives imagination to your tricks. Pay careful attention that this board is made for playing on flat or backside to fronside transitions, we lose the control when a tips gets wet.

Pop & flex:

The luxury is a hardly surprising compromise and unique on the market. Try to imagine the softness of a board which has got a lot of flex combined to a pop as a freestyle machine. By the way, we all got amazed of the natural spring of this board on waves’ heads where we better off slowing down whether we don’t want to get catapulted.

Although the Luxury is not a pop queen, it offers new possibilities for rides erasing all water defaults without losing an explosive board. Impressive!

Overall Impression:

We really loved it for waves, erasing lapping and offering more control with waves. Good grip and fluid ride without any parasite mouvements. Going upwind is easy. We can criticize it as start to planning is medium for this size of board.

For a pure freestyle ride, this board will help you to straighten the back foot and get the board runs more upwind and then get catapulted. The blind landings will be done properly even if some riders blame the board for random landings.

“With a unique Shape, the Luxury is much more flexible than its program would let us think. That’s a all around board made for adapting and getting along with your ride”.

Plus : comfort, grip, potential

Minus : lack of speed

Our test riders:

Anonyme : 1.90m, 85kg. Board Nobile 555 135
Laurent : 1.75m, 75kg, Board F-one Démon 125
Guillaume : 1.70m, 65kg, Board Home made 132
Cécile : 1.55m, 45kg, board Nobile 555 125
David : 1.70m, 72kg, board Takoon Sutra 128

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Postby CEKiter » Thu May 21, 2009 7:44 pm

My old board is about to go this season and this one looks very promising. Is there a chance to test it before I order?

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Re: Test Goldenboards Luxury sw in English+Pics

Postby goldenboard » Sat Jun 06, 2009 1:55 pm

Yes it is possible to test the board before ordering - providing you live in a proximity of one of the stores/schools we cooperate with (throughout Europe). I will post the list of these places where you can test our board soon :wink:

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