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Nukin' on Norris Hill

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Nukin' on Norris Hill

Postby Noahpz » Wed Oct 07, 2009 5:05 am

Tuesday, October 6th was another superb day snowkiting on Norris Hill. Five kiters showed up and shredded this rarely snowy location. I know all of us were psyched to have scored such a sick day of wind-powered fun.

Smooth south winds blew in the high twenties all day. These mountains offered loads of super-technical terrain to explore; it was a very exciting day. In the morning, Joe Irons and I kited the upper reaches on 10m kites and the higher we went, the stronger the wind and the more intensely steep and technical was the terrain. More than once I pushed my personal limits and I came away feeling both lucky and pleased that I was still in one piece. Kiters with strong paragliding skills would be at home in this terrain. Screw-ups here could be harmful to one’s health.

I dialed it back a notch for my afternoon session and flew my 8m Manta2 (This was the kite I should have been on in the morning). Oh well, go big or go home. The snow got sticky by mid-afternoon we all called it quits. It was another outstanding day of kiting in huge terrain and strong winds.

BTW, another series of cold, snowy storms are on the way beginning tomorrow and continuing through the weekend! See ya out there,


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