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Kite repair

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Re: Kite repair

Postby airtimekite » Wed May 01, 2013 6:07 pm

Rubber based adhesives will dry up over time and eventually fail.
Yes, rubber based PSA's do have their limitations. However, Tear-Aid Type A uses a rubber based adhesive and has a proven track record. I'm sure everyone would agree that the life/performance of Tear-Aid Type A is more than enough for repairing bladders.

As explained by sharkz, PU based glue does not work with the ORANGE bladders (I'm assuming that Stormsure is a PU glue but I'm not familiar with it).
But now my problem is that I bought some orange bladders and of course Stormsure doesn't adhere to them !!
sharkz could adhere a patch of Tear-Aid Type A where he wants to place a valve and then use a PU glue to adhere the valve to the Tear-Aid (Tear-Aid being a PU film).

Here is how we test valves and bladders at our manufacturing facility: ... ves-we-are



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