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Adductor Longus ( groin muscle) exercises

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508 wildfish
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Adductor Longus ( groin muscle) exercises

Postby 508 wildfish » Wed Oct 10, 2012 1:19 am

(alright peanut gallery. :remybussi: :duh: :cheer: jerkin your gerkin can be a" new post". )

i consider myself pretty lucky i dont get too banged up trying new tricks.
but, man!
today made me worry when i did the splits( front foot in, back slid out. on TT) nursing a pulled "AL" and heard a POP :boxer2: and felt a wicked bad pain ( to the point of nausea bad). minutes into my second session of the day( 1st was dawn patrol at 7:30am) and wind firing indefinatly , i was out! I was so worried i broke my pelvic bone until i did some research online and found out its just a pulled muscle. :brainshit:

im thinking kiting, running , biking, surfing etc isnt doing too much for the muscle in question.
i never thought about exercising my AL. :accident:
Im not that old.... :o
im surely stretching before and after .

any insight on strengthening the adductor longus ?

youtube 'in it seems a little lame for this one ... lil too sporty, towel snapper ish ( cheeky?) :lick:

i see myself out for awhile from this one ( like days..). which sucks.

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El Rudo
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Re: Adductor Longus ( groin muscle) exercises

Postby El Rudo » Wed Oct 10, 2012 11:00 am

be careful if the adductors are weakened, your whole leg is going to be unbalanced. I half ripped my ACL within a week after my split choreography in 2010, and finished it off last spring. I'm now investigating surgery options for the ACL. Ironically the adductors are in very good shape now.
You might notice the foot on that leg pointing outwards - more than the good leg.

good luck!

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