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TR Switch Kite - Method V2 - Wave Riding Specialist

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TR Switch Kite - Method V2 - Wave Riding Specialist

Postby nandod » Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:01 pm

Switch Kites News:


Method V2 - Wave Riding Specialist

5m, 6m, 7m, 9m, 11m, 13m



Smooth, constant power during your turns without any hesitation or back stall will allow you to choose the perfect line rather than experiencing an unpredictable kite that rips you off your board.

Hooked in or unhooked the Method has unparalleled stability and drift so it will always be ready for your next move.

If sheeted in or out the direct bar response keeps you in full control and you always know precisely where your kite is. The adjustable bar pressure and turning speed options allow you to fine tune your Method’s response to your personal preference.

A new design feature taken from our race kites is the unbeatable upwind performance that effortlessly gets you back to the point for your next wave.

Rounded off with instant re-launch the Method will always be ready to get you back into action.
Improvements from the previous version
We kept all the features that were loved by the original Method users, such as constant power through the turns, smooth power control from full power to complete depower within the bar throw, unreal upwind performance and instant relaunch.

By modifying the kite’s outline and relocating the bridle attachment points, we were able to drastically increase stability in gusty shifty offshore winds. These changes also decreased the bar pressure and resulted in a tighter turning radius. We’ve also listened to your requests and added 6 and 11m sized kited to our line up.

The 13m was designed with our heavier customers in mind that need that extra power to make it safely through the wash. It is not the answer for light wind down the line wave riding for the regular guy in below 12 knots. Unfortunately we can’t change the physics of that equation, and a 13m won’t help you riding glassy waves in a light breeze.

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