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Any advice is welcome

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Re: Any advice is welcome

Postby Laughingman » Thu Feb 21, 2013 12:49 am

The best advise I can give you is to get your hands to the middle of the bar and keep your elbows in... Then keep trying till you get it...
No kidding, you will not progress very quickly if you do not loose the habit of moving your hands away from the middle of the bar... The center line should be touching both hands... Watch any pro and you will see.. Hands in the middle.

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Re: Any advice is welcome

Postby Chickenwing504 » Thu Feb 21, 2013 5:11 am

gonewiththewind wrote:In response to the subject "Any advice is welcome"...

1. Don't post forum topics that are too broad and generic. It's rude to make other readers click on your thread before actually knowing what it is about. Do you want advice about new gear? How to do a kiteloop? Frontrolls? Backrolls? Put it in the subject line.

2. Don't take any job that only gives you two weeks of vacation per year.

3. Put your iPhone into a cup or bowl, and it will naturally amplify the sound of the speakers so you can hear your music better.

4. Let some air out of your tires before driving on the beach.

5. Take your bananas apart when you get home from the store. If you leave them connected at the stem, they ripen faster.

6. Don't date a girl that thinks "scrapbooking" is a hobby.

7. Don't mount a flatscreen TV above the fireplace, or it will be too high. The center of the screen should be only slightly above eye level when seated.

8. Get your news from multiple sources, but not Glenn Beck.

9. Don't post multiple clips from the same GoPro angle from the same kite session. 10 seconds MAX for any given view on any given day.

10. Avoid the use of emoticons. :nono:
1. Ok, lesson learned

2. Shit! I've got to quit

3. I use a Bluetooth gorilla speaker thing. It's awesome

4. Can't drive on the local beach

5. And 6. Meh

7. But it fits best on top of my fireplace. No where else to put it.

8. Already done

9. Weekend project is building a backpack mount

10. :thumb:

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Re: Any advice is welcome

Postby bay surfer » Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:02 pm

Start out with yourself flat on your back, rotational speed can be controlled in the air, pulling your legs in will speed the rotation up, I do this every time I think I'm going to over rotate, many fine 720s I've done when I have two much heigth or rotation. Also Some kites just do not turn worth a damn when rotating, if kite bridle is on slow setting put it on the fast setting if there is one.

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Re: Any advice is welcome

Postby Kitesurf_ » Fri Feb 22, 2013 3:30 am

One issue I've had in doing the transition, which I'm surprised hasn't been addressed, is when should I unspin the bar? Should I just work on the whole redirection with the crossed lines? Or maybe wait to finish the rotation, unspin, then send the kite hard?

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Re: Any advice is welcome

Postby sotheysay » Fri Feb 22, 2013 4:06 am

Kitesurf_ wrote:One issue I've had in doing the transition, which I'm surprised hasn't been addressed, is when should I unspin the bar? Should I just work on the whole redirection with the crossed lines? Or maybe wait to finish the rotation, unspin, then send the kite hard?
Is this serious?

You can kite perfectly fine with twisted lines. Unspin it whenever you want.

Also, doing a downloop on landing to get immediate speed going the other way unspins it.

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Re: Any advice is welcome

Postby flybykite » Mon Feb 25, 2013 1:15 am

You should practice jump transitions first as the kite movement is exactly the same for a backroll transition or double/triple backroll transition. Seeing your video I'd also like to suggest you practice not looking at the kite. Feel the kite.
So tips on the backroll transition for entry level:
Front hand is not even needed. Make some mental notes to remember which hand to put pressure on (back hand) before you go into the spin. Come in at moderate speed while sending the kite to 12 slowly. You will feel tention building in the lines and should be able to feel when it reaches 12. Keep your back hand near the middle of the bar. When the kite reaches 12 exactly (before and after 12 is a problem while learning the basic move) sheet in and pop off the water into a spin keeping the kite at 12. The aim is to transfer all your speed and line tention into a stationary lift. Once you complete 3/4 of the spin look at the water to spot your landing and send the kite into the powerzone agressively at this time unless you are more than 2 feet in the air. Point the board with the front foot for the landing and land with more back foot pressure (exactly the same as a normal jump). Sheet out and send the kite back towards 12 to regain power. You should be riding off in the new direction now!
Key Points:
Stationary Jump and spin while kite is at 12.
Redirect the kite hard just before landing (sheeted in with power) Looks similar to a water start dive for the current conditions.
You need to kill all forward momentum and transfer that enery into lift when you sheet in.

Later you may want to remove your front hand all together. Feels great!
Heres a short clip from the other day.
Good luck! Keep at it.

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