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More ways to triger a back-roll ?

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More ways to triger a back-roll ?

Postby Bille » Mon Feb 25, 2013 7:55 pm

Usually, when i do a back-roll, i will adjust the kite to optimum position
then carve up-wind off my back foot, to bring the board & body around
as i sheet-in the bar. I do the same for both the TT and surfboard.

OK-- here's the problem :
the Left leg has more stability than the Right one, (cause the stump is longer)
so when i do a back-roll while going to the left, it's the Right leg that initiates the
carve up-wind . I basically never know exactly how much energy i'm placing in
the turn to trigger the back-roll , till After i'm in the air. It makes doubles kinda
hard to rely on the landing rotation and as a result, i only land about 60% of
all my doubles. Single back-rolls are near 100% landed each time on both
the TT and surfboard.

It really shows the instability of the Right leg when i'm snow-skiing ; anyone
who skies i'd appreciative a comment on how to make a better turn on the
snow, cause it will Definitely help me with the kite boarding. The Right ski
is kinda wobbly, and doesn't track as well as the Left one, as you will see in
the video.
If Ya know another way to initiate a back-roll with the Kite-board, other than
stomping on the rear foot, what's the secret ?


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Re: More ways to triger a back-roll ?

Postby jrfiol » Mon Feb 25, 2013 9:29 pm

Hey Billie,

Are you over rotating? Do you mean back roll or back loop?

As I understand it a back roll is when you straighten out and "roll" your body. A back loop is when you loop you body with your knees bent. (Not claiming this is factual)

I only double up on back loops when I've boosted too high and can't "contort" my body to the right landing position. So I turn my head over my front shoulder after the first rotation and mind my legs to slow down or speed up rotation. I think this is not technically a double back loop. (I don't really try to back loop too often, much less double back loop. They feel cool, but got past them and think they're kinda kooky?)

For me, easier to manage and a lot better maneuver is the back roll. Which is basically a minimally sent or unset jump where you start off with the same effort as a back loop, but leave your knees straight as you turn backwards. A second later, you let your legs dangle and use your head to turn over and spot your landing.

On the back roll you can power up on the back leg w/o having the fear of over rotating, and almost always landing.

To speed up rotation, bend knees. To slow down, or have a more controlled rotation, straighten or dangle your legs.

Also, if you think you are gonna over rotate, then pull hard on your front hand to make yourself land faster. Of course, if you crash after pulling your kite down, you'll fall harder.

Send a video of you doing some back rolls man!


I reread your post, and understand now that you are talking about a weaker side where you are trying to back roll.

Don't try to back roll straight from your take off. take a fraction of a second to see how hard yo uboosted, and then initiate the rotation. Do them low, minimally send your kite!

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Re: More ways to triger a back-roll ?

Postby tautologies » Mon Feb 25, 2013 9:36 pm

Use your head. Do not initiate roll with your board. Throw your head, and the rest will follow. Much more controllable than using your board....and you do not have to worry about which leg is able. :-)


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Re: More ways to triger a back-roll ?

Postby TheJoe » Tue Feb 26, 2013 2:06 am

As Taut said use your head. Think of biting your ear I mean really go for it after jump. All so if you over rotate a lot then you can stop your rotation by diving the kite and pulling into your front hip.

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