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Row the Northwest Passage in a drysuit?!

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Row the Northwest Passage in a drysuit?!

Postby ORSales » Thu Mar 14, 2013 10:47 pm

That's right. This summer 4 adventure seeking guys will be rowing the Northwest Passage in a specially designed rowboat and they've chosen Ocean Rodeo Soul Drysuits to keep them safe and warm throughout the trip.

The voyage is called The Last First and you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter, though Ocean Rodeo will also be pushing updates out over our own social media pages, both on our Facebook and Twitter feeds so be sure to "like" or "follow" us for more information!

And don't forget this spring, the Soul offers unrivaled performance and design to get you on the water sooner and help you stay out longer! Contact your local dealer for more information or buy online directly from Ocean Rodeo with free NA and European delivery! Questions? Email or visit and hit the "chat with us" tab!

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Re: Row the Northwest Passage in a drysuit?!

Postby edt » Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:51 am

any mention of kayaking the northwest passage is not complete with mention of Don Starkell and his "Paddle to the Arctic".

The late Starkell is perhaps the greatest kook of our generation. He was able to get Victoria Jason to do the first part of the voyage with him. She has her own book "Kabloona in the Yellow Kayak" but "Paddle to the Arctic" or as it is sometimes called "Piddle in the Arctic" is more entertaining.

Among other things Starkell did on that trip

Never learned to roll his kayak. So if he capsized he had to swim it back to the ice shelf.

Forced Victoria to kayak in the wrong direction for days, at one point wondering why the sun was rising in the west.

Still the first one to (mostly) complete the northwest passage. He did have to be rescued and lost most of his fingers.

What this proves I'm not exactly sure. If you kook it up, you can still go far, as long as you are stupidly stubborn? I dunno.

But nobody put the kook into epic like Starkell did, and no voyage thru the NW passage is worthwhile without first remembering him for it.

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