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Quiver changes - still a beginner

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Re: Quiver changes - still a beginner

Postby L0KI » Sat Apr 20, 2013 5:28 am

Isn't the Slingshot Z the same kite as the T2 kites you have now?

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Re: Quiver changes - still a beginner

Postby dyyylan » Sat Apr 20, 2013 1:44 pm

Oldnbroken wrote:Isn't the Slingshot Z the same kite as the T2 kites you have now?
No way, T2 is an old ass kite with an insane amount of bar pressure

the Z is just a super simple, light and fast beginner oriented kite

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Re: Quiver changes - still a beginner

Postby edt » Sat Apr 20, 2013 1:48 pm

correct me if I'm wrong but arent all of those kites the t2 and t3 used on a 2:1 pulley bar? There is little I like about those 2:1 kites, awful bar pressure, lots of lag thankfully nobody makes the sort of kite anymore than needs a 2:1 pulley bar. I like the z a lot super simple bridle, regular bar pressure, relaunch like crazy, and extremely stable.

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Re: Quiver changes - still a beginner

Postby Netdewt » Sun May 05, 2013 5:04 am

I bought a 2012 10M Rally today, in great shape from the local Slingshot dealer (his kite).

Should I go for the 13M Z? Or wait for a 14M Rally to show up?

Am I asking for frustration if I just wait on the larger kite, and buy a Litewave Wing now? I have hated flying big kites (well, the T3) in low wind thus far. I.e. could the 10M and a door work on a 15 mph day (160lbs)?

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Re: Quiver changes - still a beginner

Postby tmcfarla » Wed May 08, 2013 6:44 am

Of the kites I've tried, Best Kahoona is by far the most beginner-friendly kite I've used. There are a bunch of similar kites that are almost certainly just as good, but I haven't used them so I can't speak for them. They are pretty easily found second-hand for very reasonable prices. Even if you go back to the first year they were made (2010?) they aren't super old. If you are going to buy used (and it sounds like you are trying to save money) be careful about worn-out canopies. A three-year old kite that hasn't been used a whole lot might have a lot of life left in it while a kite used extensively for one year might have very little.

Good beginner-friendly kites will be the best way to progress. You don't need the latest and greatest, but you really want a kite that relaunches easily and depowers well.

a 7/11 is an odd quiver. A four meter spread is pushing it, and you'd probably be better of keeping it to a 3 m spread, or even 2 meters. 8/11 or 9/12 would probably be better, you'll have to sit out the rare high wind day without a 7, but that is much better than not having the right kite for the much more common 9m day.

Light wind: I really like using a surfboard. A $50 craigslist special should do just fine. It would probably be a little be slower learning than a twintip, but I think more fun (I've heard only good things about homemade plywood twintips for light wind, but I've never tried it, and I don't much like twintips in light wind anyways). For kiting with a surfboard, a really, really rough rule of thumb is the board length should be about your height, or so I've heard.

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