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Question about the flysurfer 6m viron

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Re: Question about the flysurfer 6m viron

Postby Séb » Thu Jun 26, 2014 1:37 pm

g00se wrote:I just ordered a 6m Viron DLX to teach my 12yo daughter.

Was using a 6m Ozone Catalyst but it's just too fast around the window and needs a bit of work to keep it flying in light winds so we spend more time trying to keep it in the air and relaunching than anything else.

Hopefully the Viron is just what we need. Stable, easy to fly and relaunch, slow turning, no power spikes. Will update once we've tried it out a few times :thumb:
It is exactly that! The Viron 6m deluxe is I believe the best kite to teach a children. I did teach a few times with this kite and it is amazing how good it works. Not so good for you if you want to kite as it need a lot of wind and as others have said do not go upwind very well. But to teach, it have all the great characteristics you are looking for. :thumb:

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Re: Question about the flysurfer 6m viron

Postby g00se » Thu Jun 26, 2014 1:53 pm

Thanks Seb. I have my own kites so it's just for the teaching.

Hopefully it will help progress to board starts as there's less bar input and effort to keep the kite flying.

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Re: Question about the flysurfer 6m viron

Postby Janus » Fri Jun 27, 2014 12:04 pm

My kid could handle my 5 and 7 tube very well, made a small CL to compensate the short arms and keep depower possibillity.
He could go upwind with them.
But I was in the water all the time, around him. it feels not so relaxed.. the power spikes can be to much for kids..

Now we have had one session on the Viron 6m DL... around 12 kts on the Skim and from 15 kts on the TT.. upwind is a little harder but good for developing the right technique and very good possible.
I was at the end of the day not in the water anymore, just paying attention from the shore.. it feels much more relaxed.
He (we) will be enjoying this kite on water, land and snow.
Perfect all terrain kids / training kite.

Not a high wind kite for adults.

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Re: Question about the flysurfer 6m viron

Postby g00se » Fri Jun 27, 2014 1:59 pm

That was my problem too. She could handle the 6m Catalyst ok, but I had to be next to her at all times, running around getting stressed. It lifted her so easily if she sent it a little hard, or if the wind picked up.

And in lighter winds we spent all our time keeping it flying. Just want something she can manage herself and learn on without all the stress and hassle. I will be there of course, but not sprinting around panicking like a crazy guy :thumb:

If things go well with the Viron, will probably progress to something like the Unity once we reach the keeping upwind stage.

I wish kitesurfing was around when I was 12! :wink:

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Re: Question about the flysurfer 6m viron

Postby Slappysan » Fri Jun 27, 2014 11:52 pm

One thing the Viron 6m DLX wont do is loft you (or anyone for that matter). The thing is about as park and ride as you can get, signing the kite produces almost no additional pull and there is zero pull on the upward stroke.

For a competent adult on the water though it's a terrible kite to ride with. While you can just barely hold your ground if you fight it's so much work.

Also for the winds you need to ride with it as an adult it's a total mess on the beach trying to launch/land.

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