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Milla Knesse and Filippe Ferreira join F-one Intl Team

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Milla Knesse and Filippe Ferreira join F-one Intl Team

Postby Toby » Tue Jun 25, 2013 10:42 am

F-One News:

F-ONE is pleased to announce that Milla KNESSE and Filippe FERREIRA will join the F-ONE International Team.

Milla KNESSE & Filippe FERREIRA.jpg
Brother and sister, these Brazilians are sharing this common passion of kitesurf.
As true waterman and waterwoman they are always on the water in kitesurf, SUP or in surf. Strapless addicts they are competing on the well-known KSP. Both are Brazilian Champions in their respective
category, Milla finished 4th of the KSP in 2012 and Filippe 8th with a great 3rd place in the Peru step!

We let you better discover them through this little interview.

M = Milla
F = Filippe

How old are you? Where are you living?
M: I’m 22 years old and I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
F: 20 years old and live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Since when are you practicing kitesurf? And surf?
M: I’m practicing kitesurf since I was 10. And surf since I was 6.
F: I’m practicing since I was 13. And surf since 6 too.

What do you feel to share this common passion between brothers and sisters?
M: It’s great to travel with my brother, first because he competes in the same sport as me, and second, because he is better than me. Then it’s always good because we help each other, he always gives me several rings in training and heats, and I show him a few things that I think could be improved too.
F: oo. It is always good to travel with her. First we always help each other in the championships and in the training. Second she, as a woman, is able to see things that I often do not see. It is worth having a look male and one female at the same time, and we have it in the workouts and competitions. She always helps a lot when we are traveling. She sees everything and solves things hahah .. She is calmer than I, so we completed each other.

What is your list of hits?
M: I plan to get the greatest number of good results this year. I'm training for it since the beginning of the year, and then I will give the best of me and I’m in search of the world title.
F: I really want the world title, and I'm going in search of him this year. I know that many also want out, what will differentiate will be the training time and the will to win each. I want to get the greatest number of good results and can show my performance in the water in the best way possible.

What is your best remember of kitesurf?
M: It was when I was World Champion on the event in Peru in 2011. It was great because I love sailing in that place, has left perfect, and I'm always there coaching. So it was really quite satisfying for me to win there.
F: For sure the most perfect wave’s I’ve got in Hawaii last season.

Where are your favorite SPOTS? What are your favorite TRIPS?
M: My favorite spot it calls Postinho, is my home spot. Favorite trip is Indonesia and Hawaii
F: Is my home spot, Postinho. Favorite trip: Hawaii.

What is your “special trick”?
M: Backside attack.
F: Frontside barrel and Backside attack.

In which conditions do you prefer to sail? Why?
M and F: Side Wind with 6-8 ft of waves.
Because is our homespot conditions on the most part of the year.

What do you think about the Bandit?
M: It sure is the best kite I have ever used so far. The faster, lighter and more answerer with quality
F: The best kite I have ever experienced. Kite lightweight and fast. It sure is the best shot in the market.

How do you see your integration into the F-ONE team?
M: For me it is a great pleasure to join the team of F-ONE. I’m happy of having the best kites on the market and integrating an amazing team.
F: I believe it will be very nice to walk on the side of this team! I know that I will have the best equipment of the market and will be with the best team of all.

What do you planned to do this season?
M: I want to train with the best equipment on the market and thereby get the world title and the Brazilian again. And I hope I can represent very well F-ONE team around the world.
F: I want to represent the team in the best way possible. Continue training to bring the most important titles to home!


Brazilian Champion 2011/2012
Country Champion (Rio de Janeiro) 2011/2012
KSP Pacasmayo 2011 Champion
KSP Ireland 2012 – 3rd place
KSP Hawaii 2012 – 4th place
5 KSP World Tour ranking 2011
4 KSP World Tour ranking 2012

2 times International Pacasmayo Classic - 1st place
KSP World Tour Peru 2011 – 3rd place
KSP World Tour Hawaii 2012 – 4th place
2 times State Champion
Brazilian Champion 2011
Super Kite International Brazil – 2d place

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