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2014 Blade Kites

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Re: 2014 Blade Kites

Postby rodeoclown » Fri Sep 13, 2013 1:01 am

I be a crave'n a new spinaker more than ever now

Kiteus Polaris
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Re: 2014 Blade Kites

Postby Kiteus Polaris » Sun Sep 15, 2013 6:38 pm

Thanks for filling in some more info Hendrick. Sick riding too!
I still hope for more Mist info soon including that video of it!

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Re: 2014 Blade Kites

Postby Slappysan » Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:32 pm

Any reports on the 2014 Trigger changes out there?

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Re: 2014 Blade Kites

Postby windrt » Fri Sep 27, 2013 3:11 pm

Anybody has put his hands on the Mist yet?

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Re: 2014 Blade Kites

Postby BigPaul » Fri Sep 27, 2013 3:21 pm

That's the trouble with mist, you can not grab it :lol:

2014 is looking good for Blade

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Re: 2014 Blade Kites

Postby calibra » Mon Sep 30, 2013 10:35 pm



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Re: 2014 Blade Kites

Postby bidiman » Fri Jan 03, 2014 2:35 pm

Hi Guys,
If you want to see some live Action, We did a video 2 month ago in Dakhla in order to try out 7 9 and 11m Blade Mist.

We are riding for (Belgium Kitesurf Shop)

Here are our two review:

Je n'hésite pas à lui mettre la meilleur notre pour l'avoir testée, dans des conditions de 15 à 35nds. En 7-9-11, l'aile tourne rapidement et ressource à merveille ! Après cette année de ride en PRIME 2013, je peux vous dire que la MIST 2014 prend la relève avec une nette amélioration niveau feeling, pour des projections plus radicales en altitude ! L'aile prend plus de vitesse en Kiteloop et pardonne mieux vos erreurs en réception. Plus gros hangtime et un pop parfait pour le déhooké. Une aile aboutie très saine et puissante !
Damioooo was riding in 2013 7 9 11 Blade Prime. Kite feeling is fully increase on the Mist compared to the Prime. Jumps are more radical, The Mist takes more speed during the Kiteloop and forgives easier landing mistakes. Better hangtime and perfect pop for unhooked moves. A really worked kite, with no suprise and really powerful.

Bidi: (french)
Pour avoir ridé la 7m la 9m et 11m de 16 à 35 noeuds à Dakhla pendant 10 jours, je peux vous confirmer que cette aile est un vrai petit bijou. Personnellement, je la préfère en setup slow turn! le contrôle en barre est alors continu et super précis. L'aile permet vraiment de faire des megaloops massif! et le pop est juste extrêmement sain en déhooké.Comparé à la Prime de 2013, en saut simple l'aile nous fait monter moins haut, mais par contre le hangtime est beaucoup plus long et ça c'est vraiment cool pour le oldschool. Ca sera mon arme pour 2014. Merci Blade pour cette tuerie!
I tried 7, 9 and 11 from 16 to 35 knots in Dakhla. My favourite setup was slow turn, then precision and control become continuous and exactly what I wanted. Kiteloop or megaloop, kite is just soo intuitive, just get some height and pull the bar, kite do the rest (almost ;) ). Pop is progressive with no suprise. Compared to 2013 Prime, you will jump less higher due to his more balanced ratio, but hangtime is longer which is perfect for oldschool tricks. Design and quality I'm in love. If you are hesitating, just give it a try !

By the way, I also tried the Blade trigger 2014, since 2013, it's for me one of the most intuitive kite on the market and ideal for freerider, oldschool freestyle). After 5 minutes of riding it's like you are riding since years with it. And never bad surprise during freeriding and loops. when you jumping you can everytime safe your landing with fast pull on the bar in order to finish the loop faster. You really keep the control of the loop form begin to the end. Wave setup is also to be tested! drift become better!
Difference between 2013 and 2014 trigger is quite small. The main thing I succeed to notice is that the kite is smoother. Some people will also not believe how powerful can be the 12m in the low wind range and how fast this 12m is reacting!
ps: I tested 5 7 9 12 2012 (teaching with it) and 7 and 12 2014.

Hope this small review can help you
If you need more information don't hesitate to contact me

Ride Hard !! ;)

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