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Best right-hand surf breaks for kiting?

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Re: Best right-hand surf breaks for kiting?

Postby lobodomar » Tue Oct 08, 2013 6:29 am

Hey rowboat, if you're willing to travel all the way down to the south of Brazil, Florianopolis (Campeche) is a great right, works with south winds and best period is aug through nov/dec.

rowboat wrote:
Some of y'all sure are a bitter bunch sometimes. Enjoy that!
Yep, I was going to leave it at that but on second thought this is a safety issue (depending of course on wave size), so it's important to get some things straight.

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Re: Best right-hand surf breaks for kiting?

Postby lobodomar » Tue Oct 08, 2013 6:33 am

Peter_Frank wrote:
Peter_Frank wrote:
vkngktr wrote:What's wrong with riding backside?
A lot....

Looks geeky, feels bad, and not possible to transfer the same power, nor do aerials as good/tweaked :(
For the occasional "variation" so it is not the same over and over, changing to backside now and then is awesome, but IMO not good, when waves are the best :rollgrin:

We always change side here, according to winddirection - I've heard of some who only rides on one side, thus they have to ride backside in opposite wind directions :(
Not good, nor practical IMO :roll:

I have an idea why this is, historically - but a slightly different topic I think.

8) Peter
Okay, sorry if the answer was meant a bit as a counterweight and provocative :naughty:
(too short in other words...)

Just an opinion, but let me explain (since it apparently has stirred so many up)

98% if all kitesurfers are most likely NOT able to make backside cutbacks aggressive/radical at all...
It does not matter, if you dont care what it looks like (and this should be the main motivation, that it feels good - although you also see some wearing shorts outside on their wetsuits...)

So the videos many shows, are not what YOU look like, and are able to, backside.

The very best kitesurfers, can ride with a blindfold on a toiletdoor, and make it look awesome :naughty:

I am NOT saying that frontside is better than backside :-?

But riding only one side, is IMO the worst - and looks geeky as said, for those 98%, when going backside.
And riding only frontside, gets dull, both for yourself and others watching (the same goes for backside), eventhough much more radical and impressive at first look (easy ?).

So VARIATION is the key word here.

Riding backside a lot, and mixing up with some frontside now and then - for the best riders.
And riding frontside, and mixing up with some backside now and then - for all us mortals.

Comparing surfing and wavekitesurfing is IMO the worst you can do - it is two different worlds.

And trying to emulate surfing is a shame, and put wavekitesurfing down to being a secondary "wannabee" copy sport :(
Where I find it is a different sport, a new sport, with a lot more options and possibilites - and would never ever think of kitesurfing as an "inferior" sport because of this, but another sport with a huge amount of new aspects, and very different :thumb:

I look like a geek, whatever I do though....

I've been surfing for almost 30 years.
And I can only ride regular when on a surfboard, yes, I admit...
But on a kitesurf waveboard, it is a totally different ballgame - and both sides work :rollgrin:

I think that those who has only surfed, have difficulties riding switch.
Those who has only windsurfed, are natural at this.

And when doing both, you never know what will come out of it :lol:

8) Peter
Where to begin...
If you're going to advise someone to go for a stroll in the park with a skate riding switch, no problem. But going down a half pipe riding switch is just plain dangerous, unless you are an extraordinary rider.
So it's quite the opposite of what you wrote - only a handful of riders are good enough to make switch work, and even so it will never be as good as their natural stance.

Windsurfers have gear limitations that dont allow them to ride backside. Plus they have an ever present mastfoot pressure that helps stabilize the long axis of the board, acting as a strong front foot. And they also have something to literally hang on to. With a lot of practice they (you included, I guess), are able to make it work, and to transfer the coordination acquired windsurfing to kitesurfing DTL a steep wave switch, but I doubt they will ever do it as good as natural stance.

Surfers have no gear limitations, can choose to ride either way, and 100% of the surfers I know choose to ride natural stance regardless of their skill level. "Variation" comes from how waves unfold and from what one does on the wave, not from the stance.

Personally I still have a long way to go with my backside riding, and for kiting a sliding ring instead of a fixed hook has helped a lot. But even if I spent the rest of my life practicing only switch it would still be worse than what my backside is right now.

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