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Recommended Kitesurfing Wetsuit

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Re: Recommended Kitesurfing Wetsuit

Postby nicor » Tue Oct 08, 2013 2:07 pm

A lot of guys swear by the O'neill psychofreak, O'neill's top of the line wetsuit and I can see why. I got one last year and it's far warmer than my old steamer by a long shot, and super flexible. I kite up to 5 C air, 5 C water. but only for a few hours max.

The psychofreak is made for surfing not wind sports so it doesn't have that smooth skin, but I'm not covinced you need the smooth skin. My old suit did have smooth skin and I was far colder in it, one reason I believe was that its did not allow the water to get into the suit, and you need the water in the suit to warm up then keep you warm.

Patagonia is suppose to have a very good wetsuit too, but I never seen anyone with one.

Both suits are expensive, but you get what you pay for. and when it's cold you better pay the extra couple of bucks if you want to have fun.

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Re: Recommended Kitesurfing Wetsuit

Postby troutuna » Thu Oct 10, 2013 2:39 am

I totally agree with the comments on hyperflex wetsuits! I liked my 5/4 Cyclone so much that I bought the 6/5/4 hooded Amp frontzip. It's rated down to 34 degrees F and works at that cold as I wore it right after our lake thawed out this spring. They make really good gloves and booties also. The neoprene and construction is top quality. And the price is very competitive with other name brands [i.e. way less!]

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Re: Recommended Kitesurfing Wetsuit

Postby juandesooka » Thu Oct 10, 2013 4:17 pm

Around the west coast of Canada, the dominant surfing wetsuit used to be Hotline. Now it is by far Xcel ... super stretchy, very warm. They don't last as long as they used to, maybe 2 seasons at best, but easily made up for by no longer feeling like you're in a straightjacket....they have the flex of a 4/3 or maybe even 3/ bs.

I've become addicted to this site ... which sells them for around half price. Only problem, you have to be quick about ordering, deal disappears in 10mins or once sold out. You can sign up for alerts here:

(warning: you may find yourself buying things you didn't know you needed.....bonus: the fashionable "sporty" women's clothes for cheap has made xmas shopping very easy for both wife and daughters :D )

PS: yesterday they were posting a quiksilver 5/4/3 for $70, half price. I'm intrigued. No hood, so no good for winter here, but could be a good "spring" suit. Though I am skeptical about quality, when their price is about 1/3 the other leading suits. As they say, "you get what you pay for".....on that note, I've heard mixed review of hyperflex amp, with the most common being "great for the price...not perfect, but at that price, what do you expect?". For me, I get roughly 100 sessions per suit, up to 300 hours in it, I want it to fit perfect and keep me absolutely as warm as possible....I'll spend a little more for that.

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Re: Recommended Kitesurfing Wetsuit

Postby alexeyga » Thu Oct 10, 2013 4:59 pm

There are quite a bit of models in your price range. Most 4/3 and 3/2 ones will do just fine, but make sure you get one with sealed seams and rubberized chest/back panels - these do make a huge difference. I have a 2/3mm O'Neill Heat for the early fall/late spring and it's a lot warmer than my first 4/5 Bare diving-specific suit than had neither of the above-mentioned features. Oh and make sure it has drain-holes in the legs area - "elephant legs" are not funny, especially when you do a table top in cold water! ))))

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